Behind the Drunk Knight

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By Lynzi Stringer

Photo via Nicole Johanna.

Viral video character The Drunk Knight is taking Facebook – or, um, Gotham, by storm. From tackling an ice cream man under the drunken assumption that he was DC Comics villain Mr. Freeze, to personally addressing the country’s recent clown epidemic, there is no challenge too great for the Drunk Knight.

INDAFILM, LLC is an Indy based media company made up of David SAX Jewell, Shameer Goss, Michael Guthery, and Joe Kennedy, aka The Drunk Knight. Each member showed interest in making films at a young age.

“It was more about storytelling for me,” Jewell said in an email. “I always had a wild imagination. Making videos was the perfect outlet for me.”

INDAFILM draws inspiration for their videos and work from many different places. Kennedy credits the initial idea for the Drunk Knight to “a very random episode of Two and a Half Men, where somebody got drunk and stood up on a table thinking they were Batman.” Kennedy then said to himself, “What if I was like that?” Thus, the Drunk Knight was born. As an actor, Kennedy is inspired by voice actors Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy. He is also greatly inspired by actors Morgan Freeman and Ben Affleck.

Jewell draws inspiration from his fellow INDAFILM members.

“I think as a filmmaking team, we inspire each other,” he said. “One of us is always coming up with a crazy idea, and then we all build on top of it.”

Creating a web series can be difficult, but creating one that is so successful it goes viral is definitely something to be proud of.

“It still surprises me to this day,” Kennedy said. “Taking in the fact that people numbering in the thousands, the millions, and other made up numbers have seen your acting and ideas and enjoy them is crazy to me.”

Guthery seemed less surprised.

“I totally did expect the videos to go viral,” he said. “Well, I hoped, considering the obstacles we face while filming everything – actual explosions, almost being arrested multiple times, etc.”

INDAFILM is currently working on some big things for all the Drunk Knight fans out there.

“The current Drunk Knight series is also a tool to build up an audience for an eventual Drunk Knight movie,” Jewell said. “I’m not sure when we’ll get to it, but hopefully soon.”

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