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Opinion: Five Palestinian poets for National Poetry Month

 Now that we’ve entered the seventh month of Israel’s attack on Gaza, I completely understand the people who say it’s pointless to read and enjoy poetry. While it is certainly not a replacement for attending protests, emailing representatives and donating to relief organizations, I believe that poetry has the incredible capacity to criticize and dismantle oppressive structures and ideologies. Poems serve as a rallying cry; they give voices to the voiceless and allow people to empathize with those who have different experiences from theirs. 

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OPINION: Book Bans from the POV of a Future Librarian

A large part of what we do as students is read. From elementary school to college, reading is a fundamental part of our education. However, many states have imposed severe book bans in schools, including literature related to race, gender and sexuality. As a future librarian, I am of the mind that states should not be imposing book bans in this way, as it limits our education system. 

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AAPI Media Representation Over the Years

The abbreviation AAPI, an acronym for the term “Asian American and Pacific Islander,” has been making its way towards the global stage in familiarity among audiences. As a minority group in the U.S., the AAPI community has been struggling to establish a solid and fair place within American society for decades since ancestral arrival in the mid 1800s—the media industry has not been an exception.

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OPINION: Five Great Films For Black History

With a new month, it is important to remember that Black History Month can be celebrated all year long by sharing stories expressed through the point of view of Black Americans, and the experiences that they have had throughout the years. Below are five great films that those who wish to learn about, and in turn celebrate, Black History can watch.

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LETTER: Purdue University Northwest Chancellor Should be Removed

This letter addresses concerns about the chancellor of Purdue Northwest. While IUPUI's campus is run by IU administration and Purdue will soon be departing from our campus, the editors of The Campus Citizen decided to move forward with the publication of this letter as this issue affects the Purdue students on our campus. The following is the second of two letters addressing the Purdue Board of Trustees sent in by the Purdue Northwest Faculty Senate Chair Thomas Roach. The first was sent on Dec. 23, 2022, and the second was sent on Mar. 23, 2023

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OPINION: My disability is not your new personality trait

A trend I have noticed on TikTok over the past few years is the upsweep in content discussing neurodiversity and what it is like to live with these diagnoses. However, one thing I have also noticed is the upsweep in neurotypical people jumping on the “neurodivergent bandwagon” claiming some of these conditions as their own, despite lacking a full understanding of what it means to live with them. 


OPINION: The Importance of Satire in School Curriculum

Fake news is a serious problem in the modern world. A return to the classics might offer a solution. Satire is a long-neglected genre in public school curriculum which would help students to develop the critical thinking skills needed to point out fake news, while also examining their own beliefs and preconceptions. The end result would be a better students and better people, better equipped to reform the systems around them in accordance with their values. 

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Editorial: A Look Into What IUI Could Be

Indiana University and Purdue University announced in August 2022 that IUPUI would split into Indiana University Indianapolis (IUI) and an extension of Purdue’s West Lafayette campus. While the excitement and nervousness of the transition has slowed as the school year has progressed, the editorial board thought it worthwhile to discuss our predictions for what IUI could look like in the future.  Disclaimer: we are not a part of the transition board and our predictions are not definitive. This article is a piece of speculative fiction that visualizes some concepts that we believe may have the potential to become a reality at IUI in the future. 


OPINION: The Impact of Gender Stereotypes on Hollywood

Gender stereotypes that perpetuate sexism are more prevalent in the media than most people realize. Most of these toxic stereotypes have been formed from the Hays code, which was a self-imposed censorship to accommodate governmental preferences in Hollywood between the late 1930s to the late 1960s. Through understanding and accepting past mistakes, it can make for not just a more diverse, but more effective form of cooperation now, and in the future. 


Review of 'Wednesday'

If you are a fan of the spooky and the peculiar, then you are probably familiar with the Addams family. What started in the 1930s as a comic series has led to the production of games, films and television programs, with the Netflix series 'Wednesday', released Nov. 23, as its newest addition.  This series explores Wednesday Addams as a student at Nevermore Academy, a private school for “outcasts” in small town Jericho. There, she makes friends and enemies while unraveling the mystery behind the murders happening in Jericho by uncovering deadly secrets and digging up the past.

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Review: Taylor Swift's "Midnights"

Returning to her pop sound with long-time collaborator Jack Antonoff, Taylor Swift released her 10th studio album, “Midnights”, on Oct. 21, 2022. “Midnights” is a culmination of some of the best parts of Swift and Antonoff’s projects over the years. After two re-recorded albums and nine previous studio albums, “Midnights” marks Swift’s most successful era yet. Sixteen years into her career, Swift has more than earned the right to pen “Ask me why so many fade, but I’m still here.”

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OPINION: IUSM Must Reverse Early Decision Policy Changes

The IU School of Medicine (IUSM) recently altered their early admissions policy. As of last spring, "placement at a specific location is not guaranteed." High-performing early applicants are now forced to use essentially the same ranking system that regular applicants use. The decision might push students to not pursue early admissions, making them more likely to go to out-of-state schools.


Restaurant Review: Isuka Hibachi Express and Sushi

Isuka Hibachi Express and Sushi, located on 32 E 16th St in Indianapolis, opened in January of this year. This restaurant, owned by Helmi Khosyi and family, serves good food to the community of Indianapolis, at a good price.  For people who have never tried hibachi style food, Isuka Hibachi Express and Sushi is a great place to try.  

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OPINION: To Save the GOP, Trump Must Go

The midterms have come and gone, and the predicted “red wave” looked more like a ripple. Weak candidates appeared to be one primary issue. Senatorial candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz and gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano in Pennsylvania are great examples. Putting policy aside, these Republicans were deeply flawed candidates that ran poor campaigns. Both were endorsed by former President Donald Trump. 

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