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Jacob Stewart is a junior majoring in neuroscience at IUPUI. He has written for The Campus Citizen since Fall of 2021, mostly focusing on science, education, politics, and stories about campus. He took on the position of campus editor from May of 2022 to May of 2023 and pushed to make the publication grow and diversify to ensure all students had a voice. He has written for The Chalkboard Review. He is also a member of Jagathon: IUPUI's Dance Marathon, which raises money for the Herman B. Wells Center at Riley Hospital for Children. If you enjoy his writing, you can thank him by making a donation

Nashville Shooting Victims Memorial | Photo Courtesy of WKRN

OPINION: The Trivialization of Violence Has to End

On Mar. 27, a mass shooting occurred at the Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee. The private Christian academy is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), an evangelical Protestant denomination. It's tempting to make it solely political, and forgot about the ones who died, but we are called to do more.


OPINION: The Importance of Satire in School Curriculum

Fake news is a serious problem in the modern world. A return to the classics might offer a solution. Satire is a long-neglected genre in public school curriculum which would help students to develop the critical thinking skills needed to point out fake news, while also examining their own beliefs and preconceptions. The end result would be a better students and better people, better equipped to reform the systems around them in accordance with their values. 

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Editorial: A Look Into What IUI Could Be

Indiana University and Purdue University announced in August 2022 that IUPUI would split into Indiana University Indianapolis (IUI) and an extension of Purdue’s West Lafayette campus. While the excitement and nervousness of the transition has slowed as the school year has progressed, the editorial board thought it worthwhile to discuss our predictions for what IUI could look like in the future.  Disclaimer: we are not a part of the transition board and our predictions are not definitive. This article is a piece of speculative fiction that visualizes some concepts that we believe may have the potential to become a reality at IUI in the future. 

Sleeping Student Perspective Shot

Top ten places to nap at IUPUI

Winter break is long gone and it’s your second week back on campus. The real work has begun, and the stress is already getting to you. A good cry is not going to cut it. Having gotten used to sleeping in until 11 a.m., the fatigue starts to hit you during your morning classes and you need a quiet place to rest, so where do you go? Here is the list you never knew you needed: the best places to nap on the IUPUI campus. 


Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett shares goals for upcoming election

On Nov. 15, Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett announced his intention to run for a third term, despite supporting term limits during his 2015 campaign. On Wednesday, he discussed more about his vision for the future of the city, including redevelopment plans downtown, the IUPUI split, crime, conservation, and the importance of local politics and getting young people involved. 


Kirk Cameron draws crowd to Indianapolis Public Library

On Dec. 29, actor and author Kirk Cameron drew a large crowd to the Indianapolis Public Library for a reading of his latest book, "As You Grow." Cameron is well-known for his conservative views, and elicited some controversy over a public disagreement with the library over the booking and handling of the event. Despite the event being for primarily for children, several political activists attended in hopes of speaking to the actor. 

Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital

OPINION: IUSM Must Reverse Early Decision Policy Changes

The IU School of Medicine (IUSM) recently altered their early admissions policy. As of last spring, "placement at a specific location is not guaranteed." High-performing early applicants are now forced to use essentially the same ranking system that regular applicants use. The decision might push students to not pursue early admissions, making them more likely to go to out-of-state schools.

Student Life

The Struggle to Find Childcare at IUPUI

Being a parent is a difficult task. Balancing an academic workload on top of that can make things even more challenging. 1,662 IUPUI students indicated on their FAFSA application that they had at least one dependent in 2020. Many struggle to find childcare. Many have suggested Indiana University should step in to provide childcare subsidies, but a cooperative childcare organization on campus might help where subsidies cannot. 

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OPINION: To Save the GOP, Trump Must Go

The midterms have come and gone, and the predicted “red wave” looked more like a ripple. Weak candidates appeared to be one primary issue. Senatorial candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz and gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano in Pennsylvania are great examples. Putting policy aside, these Republicans were deeply flawed candidates that ran poor campaigns. Both were endorsed by former President Donald Trump. 

HSE School Board Room

Fishers Residents Debate the Role of Public Education

A debate is raging in Fishers, Indiana and across the country over the role that public education should play in the lives of students. HSEqual and Fishers One are both community organizations offering different views. HSEqual is pushing for an equal outcomes approach, while Fishers One is pushing for an equal opportunities approach. Their disagreement points out a central issue in American politics. 

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