Students Share their Reactions to the new Two-Step Login System

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Duo, a new system on the IUPUI campus, launched adding a little extra time to everyone’s Canvas login process and here’s how students are feeling.

 By Leighann Strollo 2/17/17

Throughout January, the login screen for Canvas showed a countdown with how many days you had left to sign up for DUO, a  new two-step login system. The ‘X days left’ almost felt intimidating for many students, along with a warning that if you didn’t sign up for DUO you could be facing hardships when clocking in.

On Feb. 2, 2017 the system was launched, and from then on required anyone who worked through the university to not only enter their four word passphrase as usual, but also receive a push notification, phone call, or five number pass code to get into Canvas.

“Starting this month, Two-Step Login with Duo is required for all IU faculty, staff, student employees, and affiliates. Be sure to carry your primary device with you—and have a backup in place, too,” UITS addressed students in an email the day before DUO was set to launch. According to them, the goal is to protect the personal information of those who work through the university.

The system has been met with mixed feelings from around campus, many students feeling like the four word passphrase, that is to be changed every two years, is enough to keep their information protected.

“I understand its purpose and I know it's important to protect our private information online, but DUO seems excessive. We already have to type in a mile long pass phrase,” Regina Keller, an IUPUI student, said.

“I understand it's nice to tighten security but is the 4 word passcode not enough,” Kristin Scriven, an IUPUI student, said.

DUO essentially requires students and faculty to have two ‘smart’ devices present when logging into their account to protect their identity and information.

“I gave a presentation in class a couple days ago. I got to the front only to realize I needed my phone to even pull up my presentation,” Keller said.

However, the system doesn’t always operate as smoothly as one would like, and a pending question remains: what if someone doesn’t have a smartphone?

According to Chris Lamb, an IUPUI journalism professor who doesn’t have a smartphone, he has to carry around a token which generates a new passcode for him every time he wants to sign in.

“DUO is dumb. I get a call every time I try to log into my email account. #studentemployeeprobs,” Scriven added on Twitter.

For now, DUO is only required for those employed through the university, meaning the average student could still ignore the system. Because of this, some students haven’t been bothered by it.

“I don’t mind it,” Bianca Suarez, an IUPUI junior, said along with Jason Inglert who added “I haven’t even noticed.”

It is still unknown whether or not all students will have to make the switch at some point, or if it will remain in place only for employees. In the meantime, students have taken to social media with their serious concerns, as well as humor surrounding the topic.

“Unfortunately, I don't see duo going away anytime soon. It'll probably just be another thing we all hate but learn to live with,” Keller said.

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