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Almost every Friday from 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., International Club, more commonly known as I-Club, hosts a Culture Hour in which international students from across the world deliver presentations about their home countries.

I-Club offers Culture Hour as an initiative to allow all students who would like to learn about other cultures have the space and time to do so. At the most recent event, student Wesley Stevens delivered a very insightful talk on Native American culture, including the Mohawk and Cherokee societies throughout the States.

Stevens runs the Native American Student Alliance and said that the purpose of him doing a talk at Culture Hour was so that he could: “act as the person people want to ask the difficult questions to.”

Steven also said: “I hope more people become interested in Native American history and join the group or at least learn something they didn’t before.”

From IUPUI International Club Facebook

This shows that through Culture Hour and the bringing together of all types of people, I-Club are fulfilling their ambition of promoting a cross-culture and diverse community among all IUPUI students.

Jeel Doshi runs the Culture Hour here at IUPUI. When describing what it is all about, she said: “We want to bridge the gap between international and local students and to make a more multiculturally aware community among the students.”

She also explained: “Not only do you get to learn about the country that the student is from, but most of the time we get food from that particular place, so you also get to taste that culture!”

Since the start of Culture Hour, there have been many cultures/countries presented to students, such as Saudi Arabia, Japan, Malaysia, Native America, Sierra Leone and England. They also hope to have many more.

Jeel mentioned that anyone should: “Just come along and be a part of it, come and see what Culture Hour is, you might become interested in being a part of I-Club and helping make it bigger because it’s the students that make I-Club, I-Club.”

For more information on what I-Club does and what events they have coming up click the link below:

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