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Over the past two weeks, between this blog and the previous one, Indy weather has changed more times than I care to count. From bright sunny days with highs of around 60 degrees Fahrenheit to windy cold days that are barely above freezing the next. Now I mean the British weather is notorious for being constantly raining and not really having much of a summer, but the weather here fluctuates a lot more. I feel like the only kind of weather left here to experience would be a tornado, but I think I can live without seeing one. The constant variation in temperature has definitely taken its toll on me. I have already experienced the ‘American flu’ in which I was barely able to get out of bed some days, and considering how important attending classes is, last week was a bit of a battle!

Now recovered from being ill, this week was arguably the most important week I’ve had since being in the US. I got to watch my first live soccer match in three months. Indy Eleven had their second pre-season fixture against Swope Park Rangers FC at Grand Park and I was lucky enough to go and watch and meet the team after I got in contact with the club regarding the possibility of doing an internship with them. I now have to complete an application form, which is both scary and exciting, but I’m optimistic that I could be in with a good chance of getting it!

Not many people know what being a journalist or communications officer for a soccer club entails, but essentially, if I was to get the internship, I would have to be constantly creating content for all of the club’s platforms, from their website to all their different social media accounts. On match days, I would be walking round pitch side filming and photographing the team as they warm-up. Then, after the game, I would help organise all the post-match interviews with the external journalists, including the TV broadcasters. It is the kind of job I would very much enjoy and would love to do once I finish my degree, so fingers crossed I can get some experience in doing it with Indy Eleven!

Since the last blog, I have also continued to eat out and try lots of new foods and restaurants. I had Korean BBQ for the first time and it was delicious! We don’t really have many restaurants in the UK where you cook the food yourself, so it was fun to learn how to cook Korean BBQ and I can’t wait to go back! I also went to Harry and Izzy’s and I tried the famous St. Elmo’s shrimp cocktail. I do like shrimp cocktail, but with all that horseradish, I don’t think I will be rushing back for it, but the steak on the other hand, was the BEST steak I’ve ever had in my life… I’m not sure whether that says something about the quality of English restaurant food but still it was arguably the best meal I’ve ever had!

If anyone has any suggestions on good places to eat, let me know, I love food! And I would also like to experience some new sports, so please feel free to let me know what is better; American Football, Ice Hockey or Baseball and I will hopefully try to see at least one of them before I go home.


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