The Ultimate Guide to Record Store Day 2018

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Every year, the dark cloud of an impending finals week has one silver lining: Record Store Day. On the third Saturday of April, local record stores, food trucks, music lovers and hipsters come together to celebrate the wonders of analog. With some avid record collectors lining up hours before the stores open, participants have the chance to walk away with exclusive pressings, listen to local music and munch on goodies from local restaurants and food trucks. This phenomena of communities coming together to support the arts will happen nationwide on Saturday, with live performances and activities scheduled throughout the weekend here in Indianapolis.

We take Record Store Day very seriously here at The Campus Citizen. Not only is it a chance to get your fill of local beer, it also serves as a great opportunity to support local shops and the thriving music scene here in Indianapolis. Welcome to our Ultimate Guide to Record Store Day 2018. Whether you're wondering what albums to pick up or what bands to see, we've got everything you're looking for right here. Party on.

The List

Since 2007, musicians-from big names to indie acts- have put out limited edition releases. From box sets to 45's, the releases you'll find on Record Store Day are just as diverse as the people in the huge lines outside record stores waiting to get their hands on them. A box set of Eric Clapton's "Crossroads" reminded us of the first time we picked up a guitar trying to impersonate Slowhand himself, and Bruce Springsteen's 2014 release "American Beauty" helped fuel our obsession with The Boss. This year, a yellow-wax release of Led Zeppelin's Sunshine Studio mix of "Rock and Roll" and "Friends" will be available-insert question about a possible reunion here- and an Arcade Fire EP are among the myriad releases available this year. For a complete list, click the record below.



There are no shortages of independent record stores here in Indianapolis. While we said farewell to Irvington Vinyl in late March (we miss you, Rick!), there are still plenty of shops where you can get your vinyl fix. Whether you're looking for a traditional record store, or one decked out with a full bar, look no further than Broad Ripple. We should note, however, that there are some awesome record stores outside of Broad Ripple participating.

Luna Music and Indy CD & Vinyl are arguably the most visited stores on Record Store Day, with full line-ups of local acts and a wide selection of the aforementioned exclusive pressings. Click the record below for a complete list of acts performing at these venues this weekend.


Square Cat Vinyl in Fountain Square is still a relatively new shop, but they too are gearing up for a large crowd. With their bar and coffee shop inside the store, food provided by Gomez BBQ and plenty in performances, it's safe to say

Events planned for RSD at Square Cat Vinyl. (Photo from Square Cat's Facebook page)

that Record Store Day has extended far beyond the Broad Ripple limits.


What to Eat

While records may be the big star of Record Store Day, food is also a star player in the weekend. Food trucks, beer and coffee will likely be everywhere the eye can see. Whether you're in the mood for Mexican food, traditional English pub food or a burger, you'll be in luck if you shop around in Broad Ripple.

If you'd rather opt for a sit-down joint after a long day of record shopping, save your receipts. Fat Dan's Chicago Deli will give anyone with a Record Store Day receipt 10 percent off their bill. A visit to Fat Dan's will also put you in the running to win one of 100 pressings of a Flaming Lips' beer-infused vinyl.

A Record Store Day receipt will also get you a free order of crack fries from HopCat. Seriously, folks, save your receipts.

Collectors Corner 

Around the world, Record Store Day brings countless people to their local record stores, including some of us here at The Campus Citizen. Here, you'll find two columns from intern Chris Walter and Editor Breanna Cooper, as well as Q&A's with local record collectors.



When you make it back home on Sunday night after a long weekend of good music, food and local art, there's one thing to remember. Record Store Day comes once a year, but you have plenty of chances throughout the year to support the local musicians, artists, cooks, and business owners that make days like Record Store Day so enjoyable. So have a blast this weekend, but be on the lookout for events that help promote the work of the people that make Indianapolis a great place to live.

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