A Brush in the Night Sky: A Showcase of Art and Music

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Square Cat Vinyl is home to records, coffee and beer, but Saturday Sept 15, the local Fountain Square shop also played host to an art and music showcase entitled “Brush in the Night Sky.” The event, organized and hosted by Chris Shelton, took place after the art fair earlier in the day and became a way for artists and musicians to show off their work.

“I just wanted to bring art and music to neighborhoods or people that need it or that have limited exposure to it,” Shelton said. “I’m a local art and music fan so it was a really neat collaboration having those two things come together.”

The event featured artists, Fresh Baked Yams, as well as the Dino Launch Committee. Craig Gourley, member of Fresh baked Yams, was also the featured artist at the event. The band has been together for four to five years but members have known each other for 15 plus years. In addition to playing shows like this one, the band also occasionally takes their trailer out to play music on the streets for various communities to hear.

“We just wanna be heard,” Gourley said. “We haven't set out to do anything big but there's a lot of people here and we have demo CDs to get it [the music] out there. We just like to play.”

Shelton hopes to be a part of organizing more events like these where both art and music come together. His goal is to help artists and musicians of many styles gain exposure and recognition.

“I was just inspired by, the beauty and greatness of what these talented people do,” Shelton said. “The fact that I know them, is just a real humbling experience. There's so many artists that need exposure and I've seen their art and I've seen their talent and it deserves to be seen. It deserves to be shared.”

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