Ableton Music Producers Showcase Hits the Irving Theater

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Dan Giffin, teacher at Lodge Academy for the Ableton Music Producer program, is directing an upcoming showcase. This Friday September 7, over a dozen Ableton producers will showcase their work and talent! The Campus Citizen has the honor of interviewing him.

What can spectators expect to see Friday, September 7th?
You can expect to see a wide variety of genres and performances from local talented artists. There will be everything from Indie Folk, live instruments mixed with electronic music, dubstep, House, indie rock, and chill electronic music.

What caused you to organize this event?  

Dan Giffin performing (Photos courtesy of Giffin's Facebook page)

It all started with me teaching a music software called Ableton Live that a lot of artists use for studio recording and live performance. Many people use it from anything from DJing to running audio tracks with a live bands on stage, and producing music in their bedroom on their laptop.

I was hired by the Lodge recording Studios downtown Indianapolis to start an Academy teaching Ableton Live. The class included learning how to DJ and perform music live, and as more students came through the class, I wanted to create a legitimate show that gave students to have a opportunity to perform their music. Now we have enough students that are really talented and deserve to be in the spotlight to perform live.

I moved Indianapolis from New York City after working in the music scene out there and working with some platinum and Grammy artists and audio engineers. Indianapolis needs a training program using next level music technology to perform live. That’s what I’ve been teaching with Ableton Live, and this music producer showcase is a representation of local artists using today’s best technology

Why would you suggest people to attend the showcase?              



It’s a good way to support local musicians in art. There will be over a dozen local artist sharing of their paintings and other art works, with the music also happening at the same time. And It’s free which is always good with flat 12 brewery serving delicious beer to purchase

Overall, what kind of experience have you had working with the Ableton Music Academy?

It’s been a huge blessing to me, and I feel like I’ve learned just as much as I have taught others. I’m blessed to be able to share with people what I love doing and to also help people reach their dreams with having the knowledge to create what it is they are wanting to create through music and their own art


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