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Every first Friday of the month, Indianapolis hosts a wide breadth of events ranging from live music, to local markets, local art and more. This coming Sept 7 is no exception. The city market, will play host to one of the major events called ‘Art at the Market,’ where in addition to tasting food, drinking beer and listening to live music, attendees can explore an art showcase for local Indianapolis artist of all kinds.

Fine artist Beth Ann Thomas is a returning participant this September, having previously been involved in both the May and June ‘Art at the Market’ events. Her tools and mediums are numerous but some include oils, gouache paint and ink pens.

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“I really enjoy engaging with my audience in a less formal atmosphere,” Thomas said. “It’s also just a fun evening of hanging out at the market, eating good food, drinking good beer and looking at interesting artwork.”

Thomas began drawing from a young age and became serious about it while in high school. As she transitioned into college, her work shifted into a more technical and less emotional state. She draws inspiration from artists such as Helen Frankenthaler, and Kiki Smith, whom she says explore themes that are important to them in sometimes “weird and uncomfortable ways.”

“I guess you could say that tensions inspire me,” Thomas said. “The sharp rocks of mountains against a soft, whisper of a cloud, or the sleek body of a stingray against the grainy, crashing water of a wave. I’m inspired to infuse tension into my work to show how it bleeds into everyday humanity.”

Working to get more into more galleries around indianapolis, Thomas is excited to be back at Art at the Market this September.

“I’ve had work at the Harrison Center quite a few times over the past few years, as well as at coffee shops, and the flower shop that I work for part time,” Thomas said. “But I’d love to secure a solo gallery show in the next year.”

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