School of Rock: IUPUI professor Trevor Potts discusses his band, Papa Warfleigh’s Funk Revival

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Papa Warfleigh’s Funk Revival was born three years ago from the Random Band Challenge put on by Square Cat Vinyl. The band started with five members and has since expanded to eight members.

One of IUPUI’s own professors, Trevor Potts, sings, plays percussion, kazoo, and many other instruments in Papa Warfleigh’s Funk Revival. Potts began playing music in middle school, with one of his previous bands being Sugar Moon Rabbit.

The other members of the band include Kevin Boynton on bass guitar, Dave Vogt  on rhythm guitar, David Stefanek on lead guitar, Cyrus Youngman who plays guitar and sings, Mackenzie Barclay who plays flute, trumpet, and sings and Aaron Mcdonald on the drums.

Papa Warfleigh’s Funk Revival’s name was a collaborative effort. According to Potts, he had just become a father and the band often practiced in the Warfleigh neighborhood in Broad Ripple, which lead to the first part of their name.They found that “Funk Revival” flowed with the name and encompassed their style.

Courtesy of Sarah Lynn Schaefer

Papa Warfleigh’s Funk Revival defines their music as Guerilla Carnival Funk.

“The Guerilla part comes from wanting to pop up in the night and surprise people, that’s the nature of the music, which is organic,” Potts said. “Carnival Funk comes from the celebratory aspect of our music and sometimes we go into funk and sometimes we go into rock.”

Potts found that their main inspiration comes from joy. “As a musician, it’s liberating to see where any song can go.”

This past weekend, Papa Warfleigh’s Funk Revival performed at Toast to the Trees: A Benefit Concert for IFA, which was not their first benefit concert they have performed at.

“We try to do a lot when we can,” Potts said. “A few years ago we put together ‘Night of the Comet’, which is an anti-domestic violence benefit show we put on. It’s great using whatever platform you have to do something good.”

When the band saw that the Indiana Forest Alliance was trying to put on a show for Indiana’s forests, they reached out to be involved and help plan the night, including having the idea to make it “Game of Thrones” inspired.

“It was a beautiful day, it fit the ‘Winter is Coming” theme,” Potts said. “We had our Stark banner flying along with the wind.” Although the weather was blistering cold and windy, everyone at the concert found a way to make the best of the night.

The band plans on being involved in many future benefit concerts, including the upcoming “Night of the Comet.” They may also be involved in next year’s IFA concert and other future benefit concerts. To them, benefit concerts are a great way to bring joy to the concertgoers, as well as using their music as a way to help the causes they believe in. Benefit concerts are bringing a new aspect to local musician’s concerts.

“I think the IFA will do several more concerts in the future, it was very successful,” Potts said. “They raised $3,000, it was great.”

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