Top 5 List: Indianapolis Breweries

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While there are many breweries around Indiana there are many that take center stage. When we look at a brewery we think only one thing, beer! While beer is great, there are many breweries within the circle city that take the idea of beer in a new, fresh direction.

Here are the top five breweries that we believe deserves the title most unique.

5.) Deviate Brewing

It’s in the name, they “deviate” from the norm! Deviate Brewing believes in straying away from the normal brewery, which landed them the Number 5 on this unique brewery list. Their brewing styles stray away from the normal craft beer with relations to different kinds of food pairings. Not only that, they name their beers after pop culture references such as “She Wore a Raspberry Puree” and “Waffle Horse” that has a maple syrup twist

4.) Sun King

This one is the most popular out of the rest of these breweries on this list. Sun King is able to provide various brews for various taste buds. If you like light, they have the “Sunlight Cream Ale,” if you like darker brews they have “Wee-Mac.” Sun King has a brew for almost everyone!

But, what makes them unique? Well, they’re able to provide a wide variety, provide across Indiana and the Midwest and they are family friendly. Not many breweries can say that 20-year olds are allowed in, but Sun King can! They are all about community through beer with a wide variety of merchandise.

3.)Books and Brews

Prefer mellow entertainment paired with your beer? Books and Brews combines the relaxing feeling of reading a book and pairing it with their cutely named brews. Not only do they sell books for $3 they also have fun and creative brews named after some of your favorite books, including Nancy Drew and Clifford.

If you can’t reach the one in the circle city you can visit one of their multiple locations nearest to you!

2.) Tappers

This brewery is every gamers dream, with a dash of nostalgia. The entire brewery is covered wall to wall with arcade games. From Ms. Pacman to Walking Dead Pinball they have almost every arcade game you can think of.  If you achieve a high score your name is displayed on the high score board for everyone to see.

Of course, we can’t forget about the beer and cocktails, that are each named cleverly after famous video games. Even when you take a break you can sit at one of their tables and order a snack that can take you back to your childhood.

Tappers is designed for you to enjoy everything you loved as a kid, while being old enough to drink their special beer and cocktails.

Puppy Slumber Party from Metazoa

1.) Metazoa

Taking number one on our chart Metazoa truly embodies the idea of one of a kind. Not only are you encouraged to bring your furry companions, they are allowed to stick by your side while you drink these smooth brews. Your furry friends are seen all around sniffing, playing, and chilling with their owners and other neighborhood dogs.

Each beer they brew has a well thought out title that correlates to the flavor. On our visit, we tried “Puppy Slumber Party” a peanut butter infused stout that would make you drool. Not to confuse this with it’s sister brew “Kitten Slumber Party,” a chocolate milk stout. This and many more brews have a connection back to a mention of animals.

Not only do they have special names for their brews, but they also donate 5% of their proceeds to various wildlife foundations. Who knew that drinking beer could help animals in need!

All in all, Indiana is a brewing state and there are many to choose from. If you’re tired of going to the same old brewery ordering the same old thing, give one of these a try! Whether you’re a gamer or foody, you can find a brewery right here in Indiana that fits your style.

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