IUPUI Improves Safety for Pedestrians

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For most students, when choosing a school to spend the next four years at, campus safety is their number one priority. Recently many actions have been taken to enhance safety at IUPUI, which includes changing  the speed limit throughout campus from 35 mph to 25 mph.


“Not right away but eventually I think the new speed limit will be good for this campus,” senior Kristen Scriven said. “I think there will still be people driving 35 mph like they are used to. Until the new speed limit becomes the norm and people are compliant with that, the roads will be safer.”

Safety is a big concern for most students on the IUPUI campus, considering it is located in downtown Indianapolis. With three crime reports involving pedestrians being sent out to IUPUI this semester, administration saw the need for some changes.

“I honestly think there is a better way to make campus more safe due to it being in such a public place located in downtown Indianapolis,” sophomore Mya Jones said. I don’t think changing the speed limit will do anything for the safety of pedestrians because [drivers] don’t abide by those limits and IUPD is never around during the day to catch that. Other things need to be done for pedestrians than changing the speed limit.”

Representatives from IUPD were not available to respond.

With the help of the new campus safety page, located on the IUPUI website, students and faculty can learn ways on how to stay safe on campus and who to contact if help is needed.

“I have had incidents on campus where I felt uncomfortable walking alone on campus at night and I was not sure if I should’ve contacted IUPD or  not,” Scriven said. “I am hoping people read the website because their are useful tips that can save a life.”

Many cars pass through IUPUI just as much as pedestrians walk through campus everyday. The site stresses the importance of contacting IUPD in a dangerous situation. IUPD is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“I don’t know too much about the site, but unless [the school] finds a good way to advertise it I don’t think it will help if students don’t know where to get their safety information from.” Jones said.

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