Man on the Street: Alcohol Awareness Month

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Students are pushing through April with their textbooks tight in grip, study guides on their desk and summer on their minds as finals grow near. Summer presents many opportunities for the student body of IUPUI. Of course many of these opportunities include walks in the woods and fun in the sand. Others include the indulgence of alcohol that our of-age peers save for Saturday nights. April is alcohol awareness month and it is important that we take time to recognize alcoholism for the illness that it is and realize the effects that it has on the lives of so many people in the world.

"Of course there is always that group that over indulges, but for the most part I think everybody pretty much understands what type of campus IUPUI has, there's not much [drinking] going on here,” senior Mario Keisman, said.

The harmful use of Alcohol results in over 2.5 million deaths per year, which is more than enough reason to take this disease serious and use the month of April, and the months that follow , to push against this societal virus. With alcohol awareness month in full effect, some students on campus used this time to reflect on what they've noticed in terms of alcohol as it pertains to their university experience here at IUPUI.

“I'm not really the party type myself, but I never see other IUPUI students getting into alcohol,” freshman Hisham Nafiseh.

Some students believe the lack of alcohol consumption on campus is largely due to location. Students believe that the indulgence of alcohol comes from off campus living.

"There isn't much alcohol on campus, but it's just as prevalent here as anywhere else. On campus everybody is pretty straight, but walk a mile east toward downtown and those same students are hitting the bar pretty hard,” Senior Jared Baker said.

While IUPUI seems to be  alcohol free campus, many students believe alcohol comes with any college experience.

"It's unavoidable, I don’t think there is more or less indulgence on any campus. It's a pretty universal act and I think it's traditionally apart of the university experience in this country. I don't personally know any students who I think have a alcohol  problem,” senior Alexander Johnson said.

The notion that alcohol is a universal aspect of the university experience is a claim that more students looked to weigh in on.

"Going into IUPUI, I thought drinking was always a part of college, but after attending my first year and interacting with the upperclassmen, I don't recognize alcohol to be a part of the culture here,” freshman Kershawn Wolfe said.

Since IUPUI is so alcohol free, alcoholism does not seem to be much of as issue on campus.

"I thought it was a college tradition, but in my five years here at IUPUI, I haven't personally met any student alcoholics, and because the party culture is so minuscule there isn't much of a alcohol presence here,” senior Christian Schweitz said.

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