Get Psyched at Pyramid of Enlightenment

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On Oct. 19 and 20, Pyramid of Enlightenment, founded in 1992, held their bi-monthly Psychic Fair nestled in a small, run-down building on the East Side of Indianapolis.

The events tend to be $5 for admission. 15-minute psychic readings cost $10 cash or $20 if you use a credit card. 

Photo of Pyramid of Enlightenment

There were four psychic readers out around the event when I attended, but the number of readers changed depending on when you came in. The readers were experienced in all types of readings including astrology, clairvoyance, numerology, palmistry and tarot.

One of the readers at the fair, Celestin Reid, has been doing readings as a fun side-gig at Pyramid of Enlightenment for around 23 years.

“After the birth of my first child, I kept having visions and I thought I’d look into it,” Reid said, “I found this place, took lessons with Lee Ann and it became my hobby.”

The Rev. Lee Ann Cornellis is one of the co-founders of Pyramid of Enlightenment and has taught many people about her passion. Anyone can take lessons at Pyramid of Enlightenment, and they teach more than just tarot and psychic development classes.

 Pyramid of Enlightenment also teaches classes and offers certifications in astrology, ghost hunting, palmistry, advanced creative visualization, tuning forks, crystals and many more. They also offer entertainment for any kind of event and can officiate weddings.

On both events and regular business days, they are open between 12-8 p.m., where you can buy astrology charts, books, candles, crystal balls, crystals, dream catchers, jewelry, oils, sage, salt lamps and more. If you visit on an event day, you can always just walk through the store rather than attend the event, meaning you won’t be able to get a reading.

Although getting ‘psyched’ about a psychic fair isn’t for everyone, it is an affordable option for those looking to explore their spirituality, those who just want to see into the world of psychic reading and those who just find crystals pretty and enjoy the smell of incense.

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