Eating with Dietary Restrictions at Tower Dining

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   Many walk into Tower Dining and see a buffet laid out before their eyes, but some walk into Tower Dining and see piles of food that they cannot eat. Whether it be personal choice or doctor suggested, having a dietary restriction affects every meal, every snack and everything in between. 

   Lacey Smith, a freshman and resident at University Tower, faces this challenge daily while searching for vegetarian approved meals. 

   “I usually go to the salad bar, pantry or the burger place, but it’s hard finding options that are tasteful and filling,” Smith said.

   Finding delicious food that also satisfies the needs of students with lactose intolerance can be difficult as well. Mac and cheese lover, Julia Warren, tries to avoid the classic snack as it upsets her stomach. While turning away from the dairy-loaded noodles, Warren has discovered a section of the dining hall that she believes is quite rewarding.

   “The stir fry is pretty good,” Warren said.

   At Tower Dining, it can seem like a scavenger hunt to detect food that fits an individual’s dietary needs. However, when knowing what to look for, the process can be a little easier. The pantry contains loads of fruits, breads and cereals. The salad bar provides leafy greens with toppings such as chickpeas, carrots, croutons, etc. The “burger place”, although sounding like a meat-lover heaven, carries a veggie burger that is plant based, but contains eggs. The stir fry has options such as tofu, baby corn, carrots and broccoli. 



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