CAPS helping students through COVID-19 and Finals stress

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The recent election is one of the most important and controversial we have seen in many years. As a generation of young adults that longs to see change and make a difference, our voice is more important than ever.

This is a crazy hard year for everyone as we fight through social movements and a pandemic. Along with this comes stress, nerves, and anxiety for many people. Luckily, our campus has some great resources that can help. 

The Counseling and Mental Health Services is a great source for IUPUI students who are struggling during this time. CAPS is offering a large range of services to support students remotely while following health guidelines to keep us all safe.

According to the CAPS website, “There’s no right way to respond to the wide range of reactions you’re having, and it’s important to remind yourself that your emotions are valid. This situation is novel, evolving, and unpredictable.”

Senior Serena Van Orman has been going to CAPS for two years now. She has chosen to continue utilizing CAPS although their services have moved online. 

“I definitely prefer the in-person therapy sessions, although I understand why it’s digital. Sessions on zoom are better than no sessions at all,” she said. 

Orman’s therapy sessions have been immensely helpful during this time. 

“My sessions are helpful in validating my feelings surrounding the election and my experiences of stress that have resulted from it,” she said. 

There are many ways to contact and get started with CAPS including their Virtual Care Package, Self-Screening tools and virtual workshops. 

“I absolutely recommend their services to other students especially during this time with COVID affecting normalcy. I think CAPS is a great, accessible and affordable resource to adjust to this period of uncertainty,” said Orman. 

To learn more about what CAPS can offer you, click here

If you are not interested in speaking with a professional, there are still many ways to cope with 

stress. It is important to remember to log off social media for a bit and spend some time being present.

Some ways to get your mind clear could include taking a walk outside, grabbing coffee with a friend, doing yoga or simply spending time with your family. Please remember that your mental health is essential at this time. 

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