Don't Miss the Bus: Everything You Need to Know About JagLine

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Let’s face it, walking in the rain around campus while we get to our next class is probably one of the worst things about college. Dripping hair, squeaky shoes and a soaked shirt is not how I want to start my day. 

However, with the JagLine shuttle system, any student or faculty member can get to almost anywhere on campus within minutes, and the best part is that it is totally free. 

Many students use the JagLine app to tell them which bus they need to ride and when it will arrive, however it’s not always accurate. Sometimes, the expected arrival time is off and buses won’t appear on the map. Freshman Allie Bergle said that she has been on a bus before, and it wasn’t shown as operating on the app. 

Bergle lives at the Riverwalk Apartments and takes the shuttle to class and back. She says she has never been late to class before because she gets to the stop early, so she has enough time to walk if she needs to. 

The shuttle buses do get full, but Bergle has not had to experience that yet. Shuttle Driver Tammy Carpenter says that when they do get full, students just keep on piling in. 

“I stop anyways and if they want to try to squeeze in, they can,” Carpenter said.

According to Carpenter, if a bus is ever full and the students don’t want to stand, then they have the option of waiting for the next bus, which will be 10-15 minutes depending on the route.

On the app, there is a capacity bar for how many people are on a particular bus at any given time. Carpenter says that there is a camera above the door ramp that will count how many people get on and off the bus, so it is accurate. 

According to the Parking and Transportation website, the shuttles come with Wi-Fi, low boarding ramps to make them accessible to all students and bike racks. 

My Advice

I think the shuttle system is amazing and a great campus resource, but it does take some time to get acclimated. Knowing exactly where the stop is and what time it is supposed to come can get overwhelming, which is why I made a guide for you to use. 

I’ve found it difficult to use the app because it doesn’t tell you your location as you’re looking at the color-coded routes. Students who don’t know the campus map yet might find it easier to look at the infographics I included below. 

I used to live at The Tyler, so I used the shuttle system every time I had class. There have been a few times the shuttle was full, so I had to book it to class on foot. It wasn’t ideal, but I learned to get to the shuttle stop early and take the :30 bus not the :45 bus. 

Also, multiple buses come to the same stop, so make sure you look to see if it is the color bus you’re wanting to take. If you can’t figure it out, feel free to ask the bus driver. 

If the weather is terrible, then you can watch the buses live on the app from inside a building and run outside when you see it is getting close, which I did very often in the winter. 

For any additional information, including shuttle hours and COVID-19 safety measures, visit the Parking and Transportation Services website. 

Shuttle Routes


Graphics by Alyssa Clark.

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