Experience John Buck’s timeless tales on the dangers of utopian thinking

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Well-known for his carved wood, bronze sculptures and monumental wood-block prints, John Buck’s unique work reflects the irony of the country's benign image of itself and its destructive appetite. Buck’s art shows imagery and symbolism that resonates through American history.

Speaking about Buck’s artwork in her speech, Eleanor Heartney, renowned art critic, highlights the gravity of John Buck’s artwork and style.

Photo by Hanne Brandgard

“The way he talks about America, it’s very relevant to our current moment,” Heartney said. “It talks about the contradictions between our ideals as Americans. His art has a format which has a basic central image, surrounded in the background by little narratives that form a real story. He’s a real story teller.”

"John’s work is both visually and intellectually engaging,” Director and Curator of the Galleries at Herron Joseph Mella said. “His work speaks of ideas that we often respect but not necessarily confront in a work of art including politics, national to world, religion, and the environment."

John Buck’s exhibition is located in the Berkshire, Reese and Paul Galleries and will be on display until April 26. The exhibition can also be viewed virtually on the gallery’s website.

Herron’s goal is to bring the best contemporary, visual arts groups on campus. We bring art that is formally appreciated, a lot of the time the art that has a social message or meaning. We see art as a tool for bridging devices that can play a role to help us understand perspectives that’s kind of dividing our country.

Later this spring, Herron is going to host Tarik Carrol, the Fashion Photographer whose work focuses on body positivity. Herron will also have local and international artists share their stories on the afterlife of slavery and how it continues to influence Black artists today.

Photo by Hanne Brandgard

Photo by Hanne Brandgard

Photo by Hanne Brandgard

Photo by Hanne Brandgard








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