An Addict's Guide to Coffee: Bovaconti Coffee

<p><em>Bovaconti Coffee </em>| Photo Courtesy of<em> </em>Bovaconti Coffee</p>

Bovaconti Coffee | Photo Courtesy of Bovaconti Coffee

Welcome to the third review of my series: An Addict’s Guide to Coffee! Quills Coffee and Hitherto Coffee and Gaming Parlor have previously been reviewed.

Sunday is always a weird day for me. On some Sundays, I am overwhelmed with homework. On other Sundays, I am deeply entrenched in the NFL slate, and do nothing but relax. This Sunday, however, I decided to venture down to Fountain Square Mall and try their heralded coffee spot, Bovaconti Coffee. The atmosphere of the shop, with lower lighting, was laid back, with people studying and friends chatting. The staff were quick and friendly; I got my drink before I had even finished paying. 

Fountain Square also has some awesome opportunities for things to do. Duck-pin bowling at Atomic Bowling was the reason I came down to Fountain Square. I also went to check out Upland Brewery on Fountain Square for dinner, which has amazing food and a great beer selection. 

For my reviews, I will rate a large iced mocha’s taste, size, and value out of 10, with Starbucks as the control company. A mocha is essentially a latte (espresso and milk) with chocolate as the additional flavor. This is my favorite form of coffee I have had across the board, and I feel it would be a common beverage for me to determine the best places for your buck.

Taste: 8

Something about a freshly ground espresso beverage is invigorating for the soul. This mocha was very sweet, contrasted with a nicely cut bitter taste from the espresso beans. Utopia Coffee is the coffee maker for Bovaconti, and they always provide a superb bean for any type of drink. The espresso is picked and processed in Ethiopia and then roasted locally in Fort Wayne. Whole milk added a smoothness to it. The ice was very watery, which was the only negative. If the ice were colder and melted slower, the drink would have gotten a 10/10. 

Size: 8

The large size at Bovaconti is called tall and holds 20 oz. The cup came with its own coaster, which was a nice touch, as condensation formed immediately and began to run quickly thereafter. 

Value: 10

This is the best value coffee I have had on this tour so far. $5, excluding tax and tip, is the most economical of the drinks thus far. I paid a little over $7 in total.

Total: 26/30

Bovaconti was exceptional. The coffee was of excellent value, the staff were friendly, and the feel of the shop was relaxed, with a playlist full of R&B and soft rock intertwined, for easy listening to boot. The plants were a unique touch to the pink and blue color scheme. The overall atmosphere of the shop was perfect for studying, catching up with a friend, or even relaxing after lunch at Fountain Square. If you are looking for a quick pick-me-up, this shop is one of the quickest I have ever been too!

Bovaconti now moves into spot 1 of my ranking of local coffee shops, as Hitherto slides to 2, with Quills at 3. Where should I go next? Let me know on Twitter or on Linkedin.

Zachary Barnett is a Communication Major Class of 2023.

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