Restaurant Review: Isuka Hibachi Express and Sushi

Isuka Hibachi Express and Sushi | Photo Courtesy of Isuka Hibachi Express and Sushi
Isuka Hibachi Express and Sushi | Photo Courtesy of Isuka Hibachi Express and Sushi

Isuka Hibachi Express and Sushi, located on 32 E 16th St in Indianapolis, opened in January of this year. This restaurant is a hibachi express that also serves sushi and ramen.

          “I have been in the restaurant industry for the past ten years, but between my family and I, we have well over 20+ years of experience in the restaurant industry.”, Helmi Khosyi says. Khosyi is the manager of Isuka Hibachi and takes pride in his restaurant.

          Being in the restaurant industry is nothing new for Khosyi; he has been around this industry for most of his life, since his parents started multiple restaurants around the Indianapolis area. Another Hiro Hibachi Express and Sushi is located in Fishers and has been around for many years now; this restaurant is owned by Khosyi’s family.

          Isuka Hibachi has a welcoming feeling when walking in. The decorations they chose to use inside the restaurant gave it a welcoming feeling. Everything inside feels and looks clean, which is a must for a restaurant. 

          They had many options, with a price range of $4-$25, between hibachi style food, sushi and ramen. Some of the more popular dishes are the chicken hibachi, the steak hibachi, the red snapper roll, the dynamite roll, and the colts roll. They also had multiple appetizers and ramen options. Isuka Hibachi has a good balance of items on the menu; it doesn’t feel overwhelming when deciding what to order, but there are still many options to choose from. 

          Eric Ayon is one of the servers at Isuka Hibachi Express and Sushi. “I have been working at Isuka for seven months,” stated Ayon. “I like being able to come into work everyday and being in a great environment working with my coworkers.”

          Expanding towards downtown with a hibachi express restaurant is something Khosyi has wanted to do for a while. “We decided on Indianapolis because we wanted to set roots closer to downtown. We previously had a store in Circle Centre Mall and decided to try our hand at serving the downtown community! We also wanted to offer a more affordable dining experience as opposed to a traditional hibachi steakhouse and sushi restaurant,” he said.

          Traditional hibachi restaurants that cook in front of you can get expensive because it provides dinner and a show. Khosyi wanted to provide that same great taste of food but make it more affordable for people and not have to commit to the time it takes at a traditional Japanese Steakhouse.

         “The key difference is that we are an express. We do not offer shows that typically occur at a Japanese Steakhouse. And by doing so, we were able to make the hibachi experience available to the community who would like to try something different/new,”  Khosyi stated.

          The community of Indianapolis is important to Khosyi; he wants to serve good food to them at a good price. For people who have never tried hibachi style food, Isuka Hibachi Express and Sushi is a great place to try. 

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