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Flipping the mood before finals

Stress, although almost inevitable during the weeks leading up to finals, was battled by SAPB on Tuesday during their annual event titled “Flip the Script.” With breakfast for dinner served in Tower Dining and activities such as stress ball making on the second floor, students with ranging interests ...


Lindsey Froehlich: flipping the script of IUPUI volleyball

The list for recruiting is short and selective for first-year head volleyball coach Lindsey Froehlich. The list is small on purpose for the sake of getting players that fit into Coach Froehlich and assistant coach Morgan Salow’s system, but Rachel Crumrin flipped the script and recruited IUPUI instead. ...


Gamers Hall Continues to Expand Esports Opportunities at IUPUI

Six high school esports teams battled each other in League of Legends for scholarships at IUPUI in mid-October. The 2019 IUPUI High School Invitational hosted by Gamers Hall allowed students from all over the U.S. to compete for $30,000 in scholarships, with the winning team taking $15,000, second ...


A “Paws”-itive Clothing Option on Campus

For many, purchasing a new set of apparel before a job interview or a special occasion is not an easy task. At Paw’s Closet, however, this struggle is heard and addressed. On Nov. 20, a donation day was held by volunteers of the closet in order to stock up on clothing for the remainder of the year. With ...

Student Life

Digging Up Sustainability

From March to November, the recurring campus event known as “Dig It Up” is in full swing. Located at the intersection of New York Street and Lansing Street, the quaint but powerful New York Street Garden has been tended to by volunteers since 2010. Sara Hafyane, a senior studying at the O’Neill ...

Student Life

Guide to staying warm on campus

       The cold weather has finally hit Indianapolis, making walking to class nothing but fun. Thanks to the JagLine shuttle system and numerous tunnels located across campus, life can be a little warmer during the upcoming winter season.     By using the tunnels, one can make it from the Science ...

Student Life

Eating with Dietary Restrictions at Tower Dining

   Many walk into Tower Dining and see a buffet laid out before their eyes, but some walk into Tower Dining and see piles of food that they cannot eat. Whether it be personal choice or doctor suggested, having a dietary restriction affects every meal, every snack and everything in between.     Lacey ...

Student Life

Hold on to your jacket, it's fire alarm season

Late October 9 marked the beginning of what many University Tower Resident Assistants have titled, “fire alarm season.” At 2:33 a.m., Tower residents woke to the sound of alarms piercing through the silence of the night. Subsequently, each resident made their way down the stairwells, through the ...

Student Life

Students for Sustainability

October is a month home to many s-words, such as spooky and scary, but at IUPUI, the most important is sustainability. Starting on October 1, the Campus Center, University Library, University Tower, and North Hall are competing to win the annual Energy Challenge. This building-to-building battle has ...


IUPUI Student Veterans Organize Regatta

Being featured on the several IUPUI social media sites was the highlight for the Student Veterans Organization as they placed 50th out of the 82 co-ed teams competing in the 11thannual Regatta. The four-person team was composed of two males and two females, Garrett Banning and Miriam Sandoval, along ...


Regatta Introduces New Scholarship

IUPUI’s Regatta has decided to double their money donations this year with the introduction of a new scholarship, the IUPUI Regatta Court Royalty Scholarship. The signature scholarship of the event has been included in efforts to strengthen the homecoming culture of the event.  The Regatta, being ...


More Than Just a Boat Race

It’s 10:30 a.m., typically obstreperous students are eerily serious on the Indianapolis canal, some pacing, others gathered in huddles talking strategy. They’re gearing up for a long-awaited yearly canoe race down the man-made canal. It’s Regatta Day.  Beginning in 2009, the IUPUI Regatta is ...


IUPUI's "Battleships" is for You and the Kids

As summer comes to a close, time by the pool decreases as the use of academic planners increases. However, this commonly inverse relationship is challenged during the annual Regatta week event hosted by Jagathon. This year, the activity known as "Battleships" was hosted in the Natatorium. The proceeds ...


Artist Spotlight: Elaina Nichols

Elaina Nichols is an exceptionally talented and creative artist here at IUPUI. This semester will mark the completion of her second year of classes working towards a degree in drawing and illustration at the Herron School of Art and Design. She defines being an illustrator as somebody having an idea ...

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