Nasty Women 3: A Comedy Benefit for Planned Parenthood Didn't Disappoint

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The only thing better than a local comedy show is one that also supports Indianapolis women in need. Local comedians Erin Carr and Gwen Sunkel pulled this off in an empowering and hilarious way Feb. 1 at the White Rabbit Cabaret.


Women from Indianapolis, Bloomington, and Ohio appeared on stage for Nasty Women 3, to present comedy bits that didn’t have to pertain to a predominantly male audience. They could do bits about whatever they desired.


Each comedian was so unique and shined in their 5 minute sets. The audience could relate to each one for different reasons. Common bits such as marriage, divorce, kids, and politics all pulled the crowd in; the

Erin Carr and Gwen Sunkel, the organizers for the event.

quirky bits that each comedian seemed to have is what really brought the crowd together in smiles and laughter.


The atmosphere was completely invigorating. All the comedians put on an amazing set and the crowd was not let down.


“It exceeded my expectations and it was very well organized. They even sold out of pre-sale tickets, I was shocked.” Fountain Square resident Natalie Herbertz said.


The show opened with a performance by Carr and Sunkel to “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea and “Fancy” by Reba McEntire. There were 13 sets including the hosts.


Kerri Pulley, a local comedian who hosts a podcast called, “My Friend the Idiot” went first. Pulley got the night started with hilarious impressions and joking about her divorce.


After every few sets, the hosts would come out to give away prizes from the raffle and speak about why this benefit was so important. They gave away games and stickers, one prize bag even had a vibrator in it, which the female-heavy crowd loved.


A few women appeared as special guests. Aisha Brown, a local comedian, blew the crowd away with a dirty bit about dating and men that absolutely did not hold back. Susan B. Anthony also appeared and sang songs about people’s rights, including Tom Petty’s “Won’t Back Down” and Bob Marley’s “Get Up, Stand Up.”

Comedian Aisha Brown onstage.


The closing act was done by a local comedian and performer Paige Scott. Scott finished the night with a more serious matter that women feel passionately about: the Larry Nassar case. Scott took the sentencing words of Judge Rosemarie Aquilina and formed them into a song while playing piano.


When talking with Scott after the show, she said she did the song for her close friend who has been through this type of abuse. The friend did not attend and Scott didn’t make a dedication, but she said that’s why she wanted to do it. “Judge Rosemarie Aquilina was so savage in her sentencing, and I don’t think we would have seen that with a male judge,” Scott said.


Donations and money were accepted as payment for tickets. The proceeds from tickets and prize raffles went to Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky. All sanitary product donations went to The Damien Center.


This was Carr and Sunkel’s third show. Carr said they plan to keep it going; she also said they will plan for a bigger turnout next time so more people can come, and more donations can be given out.

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