A Quick Chat with Hot Maude's Rocky Rodriguez

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The streets of Broad Ripple were live with the afternoon rush hour with people clamoring to go either to their homes or to their night out, though it was likely the latter since it was a Wednesday.  Rocky Rodriguez, the drummer and co-founder of the rock duo Hot Maude, had decided to have a sit-down at a nearby coffee shop to discuss the band and what’s in store for her and Jessie, the lead guitarist and vocalist.  She had just arrived from her second job and was ready to either grab one of the the borderline-robbery coffees on the menu that are over-priced, head straight home or both. Despite this, she sat down at the table and kept a positive attitude.

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Could you give a brief summary of Hot Maude?

Hot Maude is a duo of two girls.  The band’s name itself is a play on words; we just loved Maude from her show so much that inspired us to create the name.  She’s just a badass, and we loved how they put it all out front, so why not name it Hot Maude?

What about other names?  Could you name a few you went through?

Jessie and I went through so many names before we had settled on Hot Maude, just horrible names.  There was Bad Blanche, because of the Golden Girls. We had The Beatdowns, and The Other Boyfriends also, but it was Hot Maude that just stuck for us.


What is the sound of Hot Maude?

We definitely have a grunge influence, but we also have more groovy sets where I’m doing more intricate grooves while Jessie’s playing something different.  Also, if I had to compare it to another band, we have songs that have the style of Breaking Benjamin.


Where do you get your musical inspiration from?
We got our influence from Dave Grohl, without a doubt.  Jessie and I are huge fans of Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters, so we like to draw from some of his musicality.  However, we do also have melodies and other vocals that we have inspired by Gwen Stefani.

What roles do you and your lead singer/guitarist, Jessie Phelps, have in the band?

Jessie writes the lyrics and the guitar, but I’m more involved with the “texture” of the song.  It’s more of a catch-and-response for us when creating the music. Usually, it’s Jessie that comes in with a new song, and I make changes that she and I agree with.

Did you know Jessie before creating Hot Maude?

Jessie was actually the drummer for Carrie and the Clams, and I had seen them around town.  It wasn’t until I had watched her perform at the Vogue with Ghost of Kin, along with my band No Pit Cherries, that we had seen each other play.  Finally, in 2015, we had managed to form our own band, but it came down to just the two of us after two of the original lineup members left.

Is Hot Maude independent, or signed to a record label?

We’re still doing most of our own promotion, and we’re completely independent.  Our three-song EP was even recorded in my house, so we’re still working on making ourselves known.

Have you ever played at the Black Circle Brewery before?

It’s the first time Hot Maude will be there, but I’ve played there a few times with my psychedelic jam band Kilgore Trout.  It’s a fun place to play, and a fun place to go. We’re definitely excited to perform there. We’re also gonna try to schedule more shows throughout next year and diving in to more cover shows.

What makes Hot Maude?

It’s two badass bitches that know what they’re doing, and doing it well.  Just strong, fierce ladies that know what they’re doing.

Anything else you would like to announce?

We plan on recording our first LP this December.  Jessie and I are still in the writing process, and we’re trying a different approach to recording the album.


Hot Maude will be performing at the Black Circle Brewing Company along with the bands Manners, Please and the Orchard Keepers on Oct. 5, 2018

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