Jack Boyt


Q&A with Author Kaylin Boyd

Behind the quaint but chaotic cafe Coat Yard Coffee, through the mini drag show and stand-up comedy show held out in a tent to hide from the rain, was Playground Productions. The studio housed a small flock of individuals ready for new author Kaylin Boyd’s to launch her first novel, “Tell City.” A ...


An Evening with the Square Cat Vinyl Family: Song-a-Thon

On Saturday, Nov. 10, Square Cat Vinyl hosted the second annual Song-a-Thon on Virginia Avenue. The evening chill in the air rushed patrons inside, but not before they could possibly buy a Cajun sausage and an order of barbecue macaroni and cheese that was “cheaper than snake oil,” as Square Cat ...

Student Life

Fighting Hate with Operation Ruby Gloom

If one ever goes to IUPUI during autumn, they may notice clusters of students gathered around a man or woman billowing the Gospel at the top of their lungs. These people, known as “hate preachers,” are highly conservative Christians that could be classified as extremists, ranting about matters such ...


A Quick Chat with Hot Maude's Rocky Rodriguez

The streets of Broad Ripple were live with the afternoon rush hour with people clamoring to go either to their homes or to their night out, though it was likely the latter since it was a Wednesday.  Rocky Rodriguez, the drummer and co-founder of the rock duo Hot Maude, had decided to have a sit-down ...


Brother O Brother: A Q&A with Chris Banta

The muggy air was filled with the typical blaring of downtown Indianapolis. Greeted by a blast of cold air and smells of spice, sanitizer and the bustle of an after-lunch crowd of nursing students, the waitress, whipped by the lunch rush, continued her job sluggishly, serving drinks to the patrons. After ...

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