An Evening with the Square Cat Vinyl Family: Song-a-Thon

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On Saturday, Nov. 10, Square Cat Vinyl hosted the second annual Song-a-Thon on Virginia Avenue. The evening chill in the air rushed patrons inside, but not before they could possibly buy a Cajun sausage and an order of barbecue macaroni and cheese that was “cheaper than snake oil,” as Square Cat owner Mike Angel announced.
Patrons were greeted with the line of varied artists waiting for their turn on the stage next to the bar. The congregation that had arrived earlier gathered in a cluster around the bar, reveling in their Schlitz or coffee to keep the chilled November air out.

Photo by Jackson Boyt

The rows of musicians seemed never-ending, being constantly refilled as each stepped off the stage after finishing their one song. They were the freaks, geeks and in-betweens of Indianapolis: a few choosing to sport neon-green lipstick, men with clouded eyes, or the one-man band with the Pacers snapback and black leather jacket. At one point, even a patron entered with a corgi by the name of Boots.

Bands and solo artists such as Red Eye Jedi, 1923, Midwest Contraband, Lady and the Tramps were taking their turns on the stage, getting their few minutes of fame with each of their original songs. All the while, Angel heckled both the audience and the band equally, leaving none safe from his commentary, but he managed to keep the show alive energetic.

Photo by Jackson Boyt

It was a night that, despite being only the second annual Song-a-Thon for Square Cat Vinyl,  had the energy of a crowd that didn’t need a warm-up for the main show, each act being treated with a roar of applause and whistles from the audience.

By the end of the night, after 100 original songs had been finished at the strike of 10 p.m., it felt as if everyone was saying goodbye from a family reunion, rather than strangers that had just met at the bar. It didn’t matter if you were a lone singer with an acoustic guitar, or a group of rappers handing out demos for your first album; in Square Cat, you’re part of the family of musicians.


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