Registration begins for the Spring 2022 semester

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Graphic by Katie Wiseman

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Starting on October 25 and running until November 5, students may begin registering for classes for the Fall 2022 semester. Students should have received an email early in October with their enrollment date, but this information can also be found in your Student Center.

Students should begin registering for classes as soon as they are able, in order to guarantee that they get a spot in the classes that they need. Students should also ensure that their accounts have no holds, as this will impact registration and could potentially prevent you from registering until the holds are taken care of. 

Evan Ward, a student who is registering for classes for the first time, feels the process is a little intimidating. “It’s definitely a little scary, just because we all want to graduate on time, and I have to find that balance between getting the classes that I need, but also try not to bog myself down with too much work to handle.”

The process of enrolling for classes is something that every IUPUI student will have to go through, and it helps if students know what to expect, and how to accomplish what they need to.

According to Samantha Walters, an IUPUI academic advisor, “It’s best to meet with your academic advisor once a semester to review your academic and career plan. Priority registration is a very busy time for academic advisors and meeting in advance of registration is always recommended. Meet with your advisor early and add classes to your shopping cart before registration begins.”

Walters also gave some tips for students who are enrolling for the first time, which will be listed below.

  1. Schedule an appointment using the Online Student Appointment Scheduler. Your appointment might be a few weeks out this time of year – and that’s ok! There are a lot of resources and tools to help you register during priority registration.

  2. Review previous notes from your academic advisor in Student Online Advising Records. If you met with your advisor in the past, you will find notes here that might help with planning for next semester. Unless your major or academic plans have changed, go ahead and enroll in any classes that were previously listed. When you meet with your advisor, you can make any changes if necessary to your spring 2022 schedule.

  3. Use your academic advisement report to identify requirements that have not been satisfied in your degree plan. Go ahead and enroll in classes that are not satisfied. 

  4. Degree Maps are another academic planning tool. Look for critical courses and be sure you complete those as soon as possible. Degrees maps also provide recommended sequencing for your classes in your academic plan.

  5. If you haven’t used your iGPS plan  - check it out! When you meet with your academic advisor, create a plan for graduation. Add all the classes to your iGPS plan to make registration smooth for all your future terms. Advisors can view classes in your shopping cart and iGPS plan.

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