An Addict's Guide to Coffee: Hitherto Coffee and Gaming Parlor

Welcome to the second review of my series: An Addict’s Guide to Coffee! To read the first review on Quills Coffee, please follow the link here.

Today is an off-day for me, so to speak, as I don’t have any classes on the IUPUI campus, but that doesn’t mean I can’t drink coffee! I find myself about 24 miles northeast of Indianapolis, in Greenfield, at a coffee shop called Hitherto Coffee and Gaming Parlor. For my inner geek, this place was heaven: board games, collectible card games, and endless play space for tabletop gameplay. There was a group playing Dungeons & Dragons, a group playing Warhammer 40K, and a couple of younger kids learning how to play Pokemon TCG together. I sat down at an unused table for studying, plugged in my laptop and started enjoying the space with the rest of the customers. Everything about the shop was excellent, but how was their coffee?

For my reviews, I will rate a large iced mocha’s taste, size, and value out of 10, with Starbucks as the control company. A mocha is essentially a latte (espresso and milk) with chocolate as the additional flavor. This is my favorite form of coffee I have had across the board, and I feel it would be a common beverage for me to determine the best places for your buck.

Taste: 9

This was wonderful. First off, the drink looked elegant. It came in a tall glass, with homemade mocha sauce mixed with their home-roasted espresso and whole milk. It was then topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. I wish the beverage was a little stronger, but the taste was electrifying and invigorating. 

Size: 10

It was 24 ounces, which definitely earns them some bonus points! Oftentimes, a large espresso beverage from shops is 16 to 20 ounces.  Also, there is something nice about sipping iced coffee out of a glass. The aesthetic alone was well worth it for me.

Value: 4

This drink was definitely expensive. It was over $11 including taxes and tip, but after learning about how much effort goes into making these, including roasting their own espresso, making their own chocolate sauce, and grinding their own cocoa topping, I find it difficult to penalize them much. I think this is definitely a drink you splurge on; it’s not an everyday purchase.

Total: 23/30

Hitherto is one of the coolest coffee shops and study spots near Indianapolis. I cannot recommend them enough for your coffee or gaming needs! Be sure to block out a lot of time to go, because once you go in, it takes quite a while to experience everything.

After this, Hitherto overtakes Quills and currently reigns supreme, but that could change with my next shop. Where should I go next? Let me know on Twitter or on Linkedin.

Zachary Barnett

Communication Major Class of 2023

You can find me covering a wide range of topics for the Campus Citizen, traveling around the United States to play trading card games, or drinking coffee on campus. Check out my freelance work at and and check out my social media, to get updates:

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