IUPUI School Undergoes Name Change

The School of Informatics and Computing is now the Luddy School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering

Jonathan Rendon had woken up and headed to his classes at the School of Informatics and Computing on Jan. 11, 2023, only to find out that the name of the school changed.

IUPUI’s School of Informatics and Computing is now the Luddy School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering (Luddy Indianapolis) which took its name from the informatics school at Indiana University. This is due to IU wanting to make an alignment of the IUPUI school with the Bloomington school more recognized according to a press release by IU.

According to IU’s site, The Luddy name itself originates comes from Fred Luddy, an alumnus from the IU Informatics school who is the founder of ServiceNow, named the world’s most innovative company by Forbes in 2018. 

This name change comes following IU and Purdue’s University’s announcement to split IUPUI into two separate institutions by fall 2024. Andrew Klein, IUPUI’s interim chancellor, expressed optimism over the name change with the chancellor referring to the changes as Vision 2024 in a press release.

“The expansion of the Luddy name to Indianapolis is an important step in the evolution of our campus as we work toward Vision 2024,” Klein said. 

Joanna Millunchick, the dean of the Luddy School of Computing, Informatics, and Engineering, also spoke in the press release, sharing similar feelings to Chancellor Klein on the university’s future.

“Moving forward as one school is an exciting step in the growth of the Luddy School and will allow us to build upon the strengths of our Indianapolis and Bloomington campuses,” Millunchick said. 

Some IUPUI students have other thoughts on the matter, including Rendon. 

“I think the Luddy name sounds a bit weird to me,” said Rendon, the first-year student majoring in Artificial Intelligence. “I think there could be small problems with it when there’s already buildings of the same name in Bloomington.”

Rendon emphasized this potential issue by talking about the incoming college freshman who may be unaware of the change.

“People coming out of high school who don’t know much about IU and IUPUI and could be confused with the buildings and institutions holding the same names,” said Rendon. 

This potential issue can also exist with other schools and programs such as the Kelley School of Business, which operates both at IUPUI and IU. 

He, however, agrees with the overall vision the two universities have for the future of IUPUI, as he believes it will help the IU and Purdue programs focus more on the students. 

“It’ll still take me a while before I get used to the name Luddy,” said Rendon. 

Daniel Guevara is a first-year student studying Journalism at the School of Liberal Arts. He is a campus writer for The Campus Citizen.

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