IU Indianapolis and Purdue in Indianapolis open separate housing application portals

<p>A Purdue University in Indianapolis banner hangs on a lamppost in a parking lot near IUPUI&#x27;s Campus Center.</p>

A Purdue University in Indianapolis banner hangs on a lamppost in a parking lot near IUPUI's Campus Center.

IUPUI is set to split into two different institutions, IU Indianapolis (IUI) and Purdue in Indianapolis (PUI), as of July 1. As a result, there will be two different housing portals for students this upcoming year, as Purdue students will now have to apply in a separate Purdue portal. Applications for both institutions will open on Jan. 26, 2024 at 9 a.m.

The two universities agreed to split the beds in North Hall, with IU reserving the first two floors and Purdue reserving the third to sixth floors.

First-year and returning IUI students will have the option to choose North Hall, Ball Hall or Riverwalk Apartments to live in, while first-year and returning PUI students will have the option to live on-campus in North Hall or the LUX on Capitol. 

In December, the Purdue Board of Trustees approved the leasing of 400 beds in the LUX on Capitol for the 2024-2025 school year. In that board meeting, Purdue Provost Beth McCuskey mentioned that demand for housing in Indianapolis is different from housing in West Lafayette with most students commuting to campus.

The LUX is a luxury student housing complex. As listed on their website, the LUX offers a variety of amenities such as clubhouse, a fitness center and a pool with a tanning ledge. 

Returning residents that are current Purdue students at the LUX will have until Feb. 11 to reserve a room based on availability. Incoming students to Purdue in Indianapolis will have until May 5 to express interest in living at the LUX for next year.

Like IUI dorms, RAs will be assigned to facilitate Purdue floors at the LUX on Capitol.

In addition to these housing options, both IUI and PUI will be offering residential-based learning communities for their students. Purdue students will have until April 15 to express their interest in these communities before they begin. Like previous years, IUI students will have the opportunity to apply for a learning community when they register for housing.

Any student living in North Hall, Tower or Ball Hall, regardless of their school affiliation, will also be required to purchase a meal plan at Tower Dining. Students in other residential facilities will have the option to purchase a meal plan. 

As more information comes out about the split between IU and Purdue, the housing portals for the 2024-2025 school year will mark one of the various changes occurring for students. 

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