Indy Artist Spotlight: Nathan Brown

Nathan Brown and Arturo Martinez, both sophomore filmmakers studying media arts and sciences at IUPUI, have recently started a documentary series titled Indy Artist Spotlight. This documentary series takes a look at different artists coming out of Indianapolis and shines a spotlight on them and their ...


Know Your Status: IUPUI's HIV/STI Testing

According to, over 1.1 million people in the U.S. are living with HIV. Amongst these 1 million, an estimated 51% (31,300) people aged 13-24 living with HIV didn’t know. Amid this group of 13-24 who were diagnosed with HIV in 2013, 78% were linked to care within 3 months—the lowest rate ...


IUPD's Newest Member is Here to Protect With a Wagging Tail

There are many students who join the cadet program with the Indiana University Police Department (IUPD) and one cadet stands out above all the rest. With his brown fur and wagging tail he’s ready to serve and protect. Indy is the newest member to join the IUPD within recent months. His K-9 handler, ...


SpeakOUT! Hear the Voices of Social Justice Poets

The SpeakOUT group of IUPUI’s Mission of Social Justice Education (SJEd) is hosting its second Poetry Slam Thursday, April 18. The social justice-inspired spoken word will be read by IUPUI students in the Herron auditorium at 5 P.M. The call out for poets was April 11, for late entries contact Yolanda ...

Student Life

Ball Residence Hall's Past, Present and Future

Ball Residence Hall, a four-story red brick building on the western edge of IUPUI’s campus, was built in 1928 for nursing students as a gift from the Ball brothers from Muncie, Indiana – hence its name. When IUPUI became a university in 1969, Ball became an official residence hall for students outside ...

Student Life

PUUR Opens in Campus Center

In the last few weeks, the Campus Center has opened a healthy option for lunch and snacks. You can get salads, toast, bowls, and smoothies for relatively cheap prices. Everything is freshly made and customized to your liking. The service is a bit slow as they are quite busy since their opening. But ...


Opinion: IU Day Feels Pointless at IUPUI

IU Day comes but once a year, thank goodness. Attending IUPUI means attending a school with a unique campus culture and history that’s still a satellite of Bloomington. Call me jaded or boring, but I’m not a fan of celebrating IU Day when not only is the campus more than just IU, it has a rich urban ...


College Mentors for Kids Paves the Way for Bright Futures

At the IUPUI Campus Center, college students and elementary school children sit together in pairs, bent over picture books, pausing in between pages to chat and laugh. When the children stumble over words, their mentors act as patient guides, providing gentle corrections and words of encouragement. ...

Student Life

TCN: The Communication Network

The Communication Network is revamping its student ran broadcasting organization here at IUPUI. The newly elected officers, all IUPUI students, have high hopes and many goals for the network for 2019 and beyond. Izzy Cretcher, vice president of the organization, shared some of the goals the network ...


Review: The Price of Progress

“The Price of Progress: The IUPUI/Indiana Avenue Story” play existed for the explicit purpose of starting a dialogue about the relationship IUPUI has with the history of the neighborhood it displaced. Part of the 50 year anniversary, this play prompted interesting questions as to how the university ...

Student Life

IUPUI Improves Safety for Pedestrians

For most students, when choosing a school to spend the next four years at, campus safety is their number one priority. Recently many actions have been taken to enhance safety at IUPUI, which includes changing  the speed limit throughout campus from 35 mph to 25 mph. “Not right away but eventually ...

The Setonian
Student Life

Mindfulness Meditation at CAPS

Whether you are an upper or lower classmen, we have all experienced some sort of stress in our college career. This stress could be caused bya number of things: important tests, a presentation in your worst class, group partners not pulling their weight, you name it. These are all common occurrences ...


April Recognizes Sexual Assault Awareness

Sexual Assault Prevention, Intervention, & Response (SAPIR) Task Force, is a coordinating council that plays a key role in making the campus a safer place. Every April, SAPIR offers a month of events dedicated to Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). This year’s SAAM campaign focuses on the power ...


“The Price of Progress” Play Preview

The near west side of Indianapolis has a rich, predominately African-American history that precedes IUPUI by a century. To celebrate the campus’ half-century milestone and these community roots, the Multicultural Center has produced the play “The Price of Progress: The Indiana Avenue/IUPUI Story.” ...


How I Learned I’m a Secular Humanist

I don’t like to advertise that I’m atheist. Not because I feel threatened by religion, but because the loudest atheists, like Richard Dawkins, give the rest of us a bad reputation. Rather than battle conservative Biblical literalism, New Atheists typically stigmatize religion wholecloth. But not ...

The Setonian

Jagathon: A History

Hundreds of people from different backgrounds, different cultures, and different beliefs gather in the Campus Center of IUPUI each year for one reason: for the kids. With their sore legs and stretched smiles, everyone stands, fights, and dances for the children struggling at the Riley Hospital for Children ...


Victoria Lipscomb: Commitment to Excellence

If you take a trip up interstate-69 headed northwest from Indianapolis, past the glacial cut rivers of Fort Wayne and through the rolling hills just outside the Capitol region of Michigan, you will find yourself in the cozy town of East Lansing, population 48,844. This town raised IUPUI’s assistant ...

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