Indy Pays Tribute to Gene Wilder

Indy film fans came together to celebrate the life and work of late actor Gene Wilder. By Breanna Cooper When the news began to spread on Aug. 29 that the comedic actor Gene Wilder passed away at the age of 83, fans of every age and demographic took to social media to share their memories and adoration ...


Bringing Back Beatlemania

American English brings the magic of The Beatles back to stages around the world. Drummer Tom Gable speaks with The Campus Citizen about the impact The Beatles had on the world and how it feels to be a part of the new generation of Beatlemania. By Breanna Cooper April 10, 1970: The Beatles officially ...


Book Review: 'Things That Can and Cannot Be Said'

Arundhati Roy and John Cusack's conversation with each other and with NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden gives readers extraordinary insight into government surveillance and the consequences of bringing that information to the public. By Breanna Cooper In June of 2013, the British newspaper The Guardian broke ...


Film Review: 'Josephine'

The 25th annual Heartland Film Festival closed out on a high note with Rory Feek's Civil War drama 'Josephine.' By Breanna Cooper The 25th annual Heartland Film Festival ended on a high note with a screening of “Josephine,” written and directed by musician Rory Feek. Set during the ending ...

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Colorado Legalizes the Right to Die

The 2016 election season saw Colorado become the sixth state in the Union to legalize physician-assisted suicide. By Breanna Cooper On Tuesday, Nov. 8, voters in Colorado voted for Proposition 106: The End of Life Options Act by a 2-1 margin. This proposition allows terminally-ill patients with ...

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Remembering Leonard Cohen

A look back at the prolific life and career of musician Leonard Cohen By Breanna Cooper Few musicians reach the level of icon. Even fewer establish a career that spans decades, bringing with it songs that have been covered by hundreds of other artists. Leonard Cohen, however, was one of those musicians. ...


Music Review: Neil Young’s 'Peace Trail'

Master storyteller Neil Young looks back on 2016 with his latest album 'Peace Trail.' By Breanna Cooper The year 2016 has been interesting and not necessarily in a good way. Many Americans are fearful of the administration set to be sworn into office in a few weeks, and many more citizens have to ...


Remembering George Harrison: 15 Years Later

Despite his reputation as 'the quiet Beatle,' George Harrison had an uncomparable impact on the world of music. Here's a look back at his life and legacy. By Breanna Cooper 2016 has been a rough year for rock fans. From the death of greats such as David Bowie and Prince to Black Sabbath finishing ...


Let’s Talk About: David Bowie’s 'No Plan'

On what would have been David Bowie's 70th birthday, a previously unreleased single and music video looks at the darkest, and inevitable, part of life while incorporating a sense of beauty and hopefulness uncommon for the subject matter. By Breanna Cooper January 8, 2017: On what would have been David ...


Behind the Drunk Knight

By Lynzi Stringer Viral video character The Drunk Knight is taking Facebook – or, um, Gotham, by storm. From tackling an ice cream man under the drunken assumption that he was DC Comics villain Mr. Freeze, to personally addressing the country’s recent clown epidemic, there is no challenge too ...


Ash Rock Brings Musicians Together

By Lynzi Sringer A four-piece band of talented and industrious young teenagers rock the stage at all-age recreational center and music venue, Ben and Ari’s. If I Was Royalty plays out their original song, “Sweet Insomnia” with strong and raspy vocals, a hard-hitting beat and bass line, and grungy, ...


Film Review: “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”

“Rogue One” is an integral part in the Star Wars universe, but nevertheless a strong story in its own right. By Paris Garnier Finally, a Star Wars film that doesn’t directly involve a single person named Skywalker. The first of its kind, “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” focuses on characters ...


A Chat with Chris Bowman of Bad Suns

Alternative rock is known for being introspective, heavy in metaphor, and quirky. The breakout Los Angeles-based group Bad Suns fits that model to a T. By Paris Garnier Bad Suns got their start touring with artists like Halsey and The 1975. They made a name for themselves with the single “Cardiac ...

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Birdman: The Campus Citizen Review

By David Schroeder  (@TheDavidabides)By now most everyone has heard of Birdman. You know, the Oscar winning movie starring Michael Keaton as a sort-of bizzaro-world version of Michael Keaton? The one about the actor who played a super hero in the early 1990s only to be broke and struggling ...

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