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Film Review: Pet Sematary

Warning: this review contains spoilers. If the 1920’s were the Golden Age of Hollywood, we are currently living through the Rusted Age of Hollywood. Unnecessary reboots, lazy rewrites of classics and painful to watch rehashings of the same old storylines has made going to the movies seemingly pointless ...


Album Review: "Wasteland, Baby!"

As the old Elvis Costello quip goes, “You have 20 years to write your first album and six months to write your second.” This rush to get new music out often results in a second album that lacks the depth and musicianship of the first. While there was a five year gap between Hozier’s debut album ...


IUPUI Commemorates International Holocaust Memorial Week

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free.” These words, written by American poet Emily Lazarus and inscribed at the base of the Statue of Liberty, served as a backdrop for IUPUI’s Holocaust Remembrance Ceremony held on Jan. 28 in Hine Hall auditorium. For keynote ...


An Unlikely Christmas Classic

Around the holidays, there are a lot of things up for debate. At what age do you tell kids the truth about Santa Claus?What’s the best way to discreetly throw away that fruitcake Aunt Helen brought to the party? How much wine is too much wine to drink in front of grandma? But perhaps the most heated ...


Opinion: Jim Acosta and the Fight for Democracy

Losing sucks. It’s a universal truth. And if you’re like President Donald Trump, losing can send you spiraling into a state of panic and seemingly unhinged anger towards anyone and everyone. Unfortunately for Jim Acosta, CNN’s Chief White House correspondent, he was a target for Trump’s temper ...


Historic Victories in 2018

In this 2018 midterm, we saw Republicans maintain control of the Senate, while the Democratic Party gained control of the House of Representatives. With an increasingly diverse electorate, many candidates on the ballot this election reflected this diversity. With major upsets and victories from both ...


Opinion: No Wave, New Perspective

As Senior Editor J.A. Bedell and I prepared to cover the Senate election Tuesday night, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew what the polls said. Being a realist, I expected the Republican party to maintain control of the Senate, and I was fairly confident the Democrats would take the House. As it ...


School of Engineering and Technology Receive NSF Grant

Big changes are in store for the School of Engineering and Technology thanks to a grant from the National Science Foundation. In an effort to increase collaboration and “STEM identity,” the school partnered with the University of Memphis and the University of Colorado at Denver to write a proposal ...

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