Matthew Cassidy


The Normies: A New Chapter

Many wonder what they can do to find a job they love. Yes, sometimes just sitting around and watching television with friends can turn into one of the biggest shows online. They watch everything with a viewer so a viewer can react when they react from tears to belly laughs. Simple is their forte. Their ...


I Am What I Am: My Life with Autism Spectrum Disorder

I knew I was different at a very young age, even before my parents. Reading was difficult for me to comprehend when I excelled in every other subject. Numbers were facts to me. Words were not. Words had different meanings and I never knew the context a person told them in. What was sarcasm anyway.When ...


Can’t Lock Down the Indianapolis Indians

INDIANAPOLIS- The nine day negotiations failed in Jupiter, Florida earlier this evening after the MLBPA and MLB could not reach a new CBA in time to save Opening Day. The first two series of the MLB season will be lost. This is not the chase for the minor leagues. The Indianapolis Indians, the Triple-A ...


Skiles Test of Indianapolis

“We focus on the development of kids and the league, including those that may not be the best at the game, they still learn how to become great teammates and the important ideas of sportsmanship,” Todd Kenworthy, a former Skiles Test board member of nine years said. “We care about the families ...

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