Pacers Hold Esports Open Play Event

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The upcoming NBA 2k league has gained the attention of many aspiring professional gamers.

Pacers Gaming held an open play event that many gamers from different areas attended. The event was an opportunity for players to meet each other and play NBA 2K18.

“This is our second event,” said Cody Parrent, Pacers Gaming Director of Esports Operations. “We hosted our first one back in November had about 100 people come out.   It's an opportunity to have people in the 2k community get to know each other and meet face to face and talk about the 2k League.”

Players took this event as an opportunity to showcase what they can do in front of other players

E-athletes at work. (Photo by E.J. Bryan)

and to the organization, ut also to reach the 50 win mark in NBA2k18 Pro-Am mode, which is a part of the first stage of qualifying for the league.

“I’m pretty serious about this,”said Charles (Flexer) Scott. “ I got my first 50 wins in the first two weeks.

I'm a 95 overall, so I’m looking not to just be in this league but to be a 99 (overall). This is something, why not go for it I can help my teams win.”

Pacers Gaming also used this as an opportunity to take a look at what the players could do.

“We’re always looking out for players,” Parrent said. “I think there's a lot of talent, not only in the midwest, but here in Indiana and Indianapolis specifically. We grow basketball here, there's so many good basketball players here and that translates to the virtual hardwood too.”

With the NBA 2k League coming together and about to begin, players see this as a big thing for the 2k community.

“The (NBA 2k) league combine is starting next week,” said Garrett (Spider-Man-1294) Shokk. This is the last chan


ce to meet people before you get into it. It's really starting to take off for the 2k community,”

The next thing that's coming up for Pacers Gaming is the NBA 2K League combine that will start on Feb. 2 and lasts until Feb.21.

“So, the combine is huge and that's where myself and all the other directors get to see the top talent in the world,” said Parrent. “Essentially, they'll be able to narrow down the top 100-150 players in the world and then we will do our draft in March. So, there's a F

ebruary combine to get the draft pool, draft our players in March, then move to the local markets. We’ll have our 6 guys move to Indy in April and then the season kicks off in May.”

The first season of the NBA 2K league will start in May 2018 and will go through August 2018.

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