The Campus Citizen NFL Predictions: 2019 Edition

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The 2019 NFL season is finally upon us. Many teams’ trajectories changed throughout the offseason (some more recently than others), but another thrilling campaign is sure to come. Our sports staff members at The Campus Citizen chime in and give their takes on this year in football.



Drew Brees, Saints - Zach Griffith

Why Brees? - Drew Brees and the Saints have been through hell these past two seasons. He may not be getting any younger, but he’s definitely as hungry as ever for another Super Bowl ring. If Patrick Mahomes hadn’t been as otherworldly as he was in 2018, the MVP trophy would have surely been handed to Brees. It’s hard to think of any player or team that has more of a motivation factor than Brees and the Saints.


Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs - Bryce Shadday

Why Mahomes? - Losing Kareem Hunt but gaining LeSean McCoy is not a huge dropoff for Mahomes and that Chief offense, which is why I think not much will change for Mahomes under center. Andy Reid continues to find ways to be creative offensively, and he has the perfect quarterback to run his system. Plus, Mahomes can hit receivers without looking at them so, yeah, there’s that. 


Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs - Jacob Keith

Why Mahomes? - 5,000 yards, 50 touchdowns, and both accomplished with a completion percentage of 66. At 23 years old, Mahomes can only go up, and under former Coach of the Year Andy Reid, he is going to do exactly that.


Russell Wilson, Seahawks - Alex Burr

Why Wilson? - Russell Wilson feels like the undervalued pick to me. The Seahawks are typically a run first team, but Wilson will probably have to sling the ball for them to win. A big part of being the MVP is to put your team in position to win, and Wilson has a reputation for leading Seattle to victory. What more do you want from an MVP?


Ezekiel Elliott, Cowboys - Thomas Butler-Guerrero

Why Zeke? - Recently signing a six-year extension for $90 million after holding out the preseason makes Elliott a Cowboy through 2026. The current highest paid running back in league history has led the NFL in rushing two out of his first three seasons. Elliott is also the active leader (101.2) for rushing yards per game (2nd all-time behind Hall of Famer Jim Brown). Elliott, Le’Veon Bell, and Saquon Barkley are the three players in the backfield you can bet on to surpass 300+ attempts in 2019. If there is any player that has a chance to break the historical 2,000 yard mark, it will be the #21 with the blue star on his helmet. REMINDER, the last non-QB to win MVP was running back Adrian Peterson back in 2012.


Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs - Devin Voss

Why Mahomes? - Everyone had their own set of expectations for Patrick Mahomes last season, but I’m not sure many could have predicted 5,097 yards and a 50:12 touchdown to interception ratio paired with a ridiculous 66% completion. The loss of Kareem Hunt hurt, but returning running back Damien Williams along with recent addition LeSean McCoy are more than formidable. It’ll be difficult for Mahomes to live up to the expectations he generated last year, but count me as a believer. Patrick Mahomes will reign in the AFC for years to come.


Aaron Rodgers, Packers - Will Hogsett

Why Rodgers? - Coming off a 2018 season in which Rodgers battled through multiple injuries, 2019 looks like a fresh start for the 15-year vet. A new head coach, added defensive pieces, and a healthy offensive line all look to give Rodgers more time with the ball. Rodgers looks primed to take back the crown that so many have given to Mahomes.


Drew Brees, Saints- DJ Deak

Why Brees? - The Saints are coming off a devastating loss in the NFC Championship last year. Drew Brees had an outstanding year, finishing first in completion percentage. Brees and the Saints are going to come out and avenge last year's defeat. 


Defensive Player of the Year 

Khalil Mack, Bears - Zach Griffith

Why Mack? - Ask any quarterback.


Khalil Mack, Bears - Bryce Shadday

Why Mack? - Chuck Pagano referred to Mack as a “game wrecker.” And that he is. I really do not need to say much more.


Aaron Donald, Rams - Jacob Keith

Why Donald? - Back-to-back Defensive Player of the Year winner Aaron Donald averaged 20.5 sacks on the Super Bowl runner-up Los Angeles Rams  under defensive coordinator Wade Phillips. I expect him to do exactly that.


Bobby Wagner, Seahawks - Alex Burr

Why Wagner? - Madden gave him a 99, so he has to be good, right? All jokes aside, Wagner is one of the best covering linebackers in the league, and playing with Jadaveon Clowney should get him some more sacks.


Aaron Donald, Rams - Thomas Butler-Guerrero

Why Donald? Back-to-back DPOY, Donald is already making a case for Canton through his first five seasons. Only five players have led the league with a 20+ sack season since Michael Strahan broke the NFL record (22.5) back in 2001. DeMarcus Ware, Jared Allen, Justin Houston, JJ Watt & Aaron Donald… If the already five-time Pro Bowl defensive lineman can continue this dominance for another season, he will tie JJ Watt & Lawrence Taylor for the most Defensive Player of the Year Awards in the history of the NFL. 


Darius Leonard, Colts - Devin Voss

Why Leonard? - In terms of value, there’s no doubt that Khalil Mack and Aaron Donald are two of the most valuable defensive players in football. However, it’s too hard for me to shy away from Leonard’s marvelous 163 tackles, 7 sacks, 6 forced fumbles, and 2 a rookie. To give perspective, the 2013 Defensive Player of the Year, linebacker Luke Kuechly of the Carolina Panthers, attributed for 156 tackles, 2 sacks, and 4 interceptions. Leonard anchors the Colts defense the same way as Mack, Donald, and even Kuechly. I see no reason why he doesn’t follow up with a similar, if not better, sophomore campaign.


Khalil Mack, Bears - Will Hogsett

Why Mack? Plain and simple, the Raiders made one of the most questionable moves in NFL history when letting the 6-3, 250 pound defensive end go for a bundle of picks. With that being said, it doesn't matter what field Mack steps on each week, he will find a way to make an impact.


Khalil Mack- DJ Deak

Why Mack?-  Mack is a big reason that the Bears made their way to the playoffs. He has a stopping power that can stop offenses to a halt. Opposing quarterbacks are scared of him before taking the snaps.


Offensive Rookie of the Year

Kyler Murray, Cardinals - Zach Griffith

Why Murray? - It seems like any short quarterback with potential gets compared to guys like Drew Brees or Russell Wilson; that’s just not fair. However, it’s quite possible that Murray could be this year’s version of 2018 Baker Mayfield, who came close to leading the Browns to the playoffs. I could also see some 2017 Deshaun Watson here, especially considering the explosiveness and stats that he put up at Oklahoma last season.


Kyler Murray, Cardinals - Bryce Shadday

Why Murray? - I’m not going to lie, I do not feel as if there are a lot of good options to choose from this year. I would love to see Daniel Jones or Dwayne Haskins be unleashed Week 1, but that is not the case. On the other hand, I am excited to see what Murray can do paired with another young coach in Kliff Kingsbury. I expect Murray to make plenty of amazing plays with his arm but especially with his feet.


David Montgomery, Bears - Jacob Keith

Why Montgomery? - Sure, some people are not sure who this third round steal is. However, the former Iowa State running back is going to turn some heads in his first few weeks on the field. The Bears traded away Jordan Howard in the hopes that David Montgomery can cover what he was able to do on the ground. With a high usage rate, Montgomery could be the sleeper of the season. Also, if you are into gambling, +2000 odds are just about as good as you’re going to get.


Kyler Murray, Cardinals - Alex Burr

Why Murray?- Even though we don’t know how good of a coach Kliff Kingsbury is, we know he can coach offense well. Expect Murray to break rookie records for yards, and hopefully Larry Fitzgerald will shine this year.


Kyler Murray, Cardinals - Thomas Butler-Guerrero

Why Murray? - Simple answer to this is that out of all the skill position players taken in the first round, Murray is the QB with the keys to the franchise from day one...QB Daniel Jones will have to begin his career behind Eli Manning. It also does not help that the Philadelphia and Dallas defense will be four games that Washington QB Dwayne Haskins will have to face to begin his career. Not to mention that only one running back and one wide receiver were taken in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft. Murray proved how he could disrupt defenses at Oklahoma and will perform well enough to be the Offensive Rookie of the Year this season. 


Kyler Murray, Cardinals - Devin Voss

Why Murray? - Kyler Murray was electric at quarterback during his single starting season at Oklahoma. When viewing his play as a Sooner, it’s almost a no-brainer why the Cardinals selected the former Heisman winner with the first overall pick. While his height is often picked on by those within the NFL, it has no real impact on his ability to make plays. He plays similar to Russell Wilson. Judging from his 69% accuracy rating at Oklahoma, and rocket arm, I think he’ll adjust fine to the NFL. There’s no need to expect perfection, but I think he’ll perform well enough to take home the trophy.


Kyler Murray, Cardinals- DJ Deak

Why Murray?-  Murray's ability to read defenses and make quick decisions will speed up Arizona's offense. Having veteran Larry Fitzgerald will help make great plays downfield.


Defensive Rookie of the Year

Quinnen Williams, Jets - Zach Griffith

Why Williams? - Not many defensive players in college can have the kind of impact that Quinnen Williams had for Alabama last season. Nick Saban’s prized defensive tackle controlled games at times (8 sacks in 2018), and he was simply too good for the Jets to pass up with the third overall pick. Look for Williams to wreak havoc early on opposing offensive lines.


Ed Oliver, Bills - Bryce Shadday

Why Oliver? - Oliver was one of the best interior defensive linemen in college football and honestly could have entered the draft following his sophomore season. On a rebuilding Bills team that finally has their quarterback of the future, look for Oliver to leave his mark on that defense and become a building block in Buffalo.


Devin White, Buccaneers - Jacob Keith

Why White? - Former LSU stud Devin White had 62 tackles last year. 62! On a bad Buccaneers team, I think that White can really do some damage lined up next to Lavonte David.


Nick Bosa, 49ers- Alex Burr

Why Bosa?- Bosa is a name that could become synonymous with success in the NFL, a la Gronkowski or Watt. Nick Bosa is such a game changer, Ohio State bemoaned him sitting out the season to prepare for the draft. Expect Bosa to headline a rejuvenated 49ers defense.


Josh Allen, Jaguars - Thomas Butler-Guerrero

Why Allen? JOSH ALLEN IS HARD! The former Kentucky Wildcat immediately transitioned to the Jaguars defense at training camp. The defense of the Jaguars took Jacksonville all the way to the AFC Championship just two seasons prior. Allen won the Bronko Nagurski Trophy (awarded to the best defensive player in college football) in his last season at Kentucky. He left the all-time sack leader (31.5), 220 total tackles and 11 forced fumbles. Former teammate, cornerback Lonnie Johnson (Gary, IN), was selected in the second round by the Houston Texans and will also rise to the occasion, being able to shine early to begin his professional football career in the AFC South together. 


Devin Bush, Steelers - Devin Voss

Why Bush? Devin Bush was a beast during his tenure with the Michigan Wolverines. A standout of one of the most hounding defenses in college football, Bush totaled 95 tackles, 5.5 sacks and 1 interception as a sophomore. His junior campaign wasn’t as spectacular, but I’m convinced Bush is brewing with talent. The Steelers tend to have a knack for selecting great linebackers in the draft and I think they found another with Bush.


Josh Allen, Jaguars - DJ Deak

Why Allen? - Allen finished last year as the SEC Defensive Player of the Year. He is going to help light up every offense that comes his way. He can put enormous pressure on the quarterback and is hard to stop with a full head of steam.


Coach of the Year

Doug Pederson, Eagles - Zach Griffith

Why Pederson? - After winning it all two years ago, it’s safe to say that the Eagles took a step back in 2018. But now, with a healthy Carson Wentz back and ready to roll, Jordan Howard added to the backfield and DeSean Jackson returning, the Eagles are primed to fly high once again. Who better to run the revamped offense than Pederson? He’s been the ideal mentor for Wentz since he arrived in 2016, and don’t be surprised if Philly is knocking on the door of another Super Bowl berth.


Frank Reich, Colts - Bryce Shadday

Why Reich? - I think it’s pretty obvious that losing a top-5 quarterback two weeks before the season starts would shake up any team, but there seems to be a calm that Frank Reich brings to this good Colts squad. In his words, I think Reich will “roll” with the massive gut punch he received and guide the Colts to a great playoff run that cannot be ignored.


Andy Reid, Chiefs - Jacob Keith

Why Reid? - They should just rename this award “ The Andy Reid Coach of the Year Award.” I mean sure, he’s only won it once (2002), but this award is built for his teams. Great in the season, not great in the postseason, which works out for Andy Reid and this Chiefs squad.


Freddie Kitchens, Browns- Alex Burr

Why Kitchens?- Let's be honest, media voters are predictable. In the NBA, when a guy gets more minutes and scores more points, he gets Most Improved. In general, the media awards Coach of the Year to the coach who has the biggest turnaround of fortune. While the Browns were okay last year, if they win 11 games like I believe they will, it’ll fit the formula to get him to be Coach of the Year.


Mike Tomlin, Steelers - Thomas Butler-Guerrero

Why Tomlin? 2018 was the first season Pittsburgh did not make the playoffs since 2013. The Steelers still went 9-6-1 last season and that came with all the drama surrounding the Le’Veon Bell FULL SEASON HOLDOUT and Antonio Brown’s departure should not even have to be mentioned. Remember Tomlin sent AB home prior to Week 17 in a must-win game. With the retirement of Andrew Luck, the entire AFC is so watered down, almost 100% of the starting QBs are either on their way towards retirement or just out of college. Pittsburgh has not had a sub-.500 record since 2003. Nine wins is all it should take to get to the postseason this year and the Steelers will be the surprise team after losing both Bell and Brown. 


Doug Pederson, Eagles - Devin Voss

Why Pederson? - It’s an understatement to say the Eagles were a disappointment a season ago following their Super Bowl win. While most teams endure fatigue from the extended season, the Eagles never seemed to click. Carson Wentz will come back on the scene this year and dazzle our eyes once again. Nick Foles gave a spark to the dull Eagles offense after Wentz went down, but understanding that Wentz was playing a fractured vertebrae, it’s easy to see why he wasn’t playing up to his full potential. With a new and improved offense, I think Pederson guides 

the Eagles back to being among the best in the NFL.


Freddie Kitchens, Browns - DJ Deak

Why Kitchens?- Kitchens is new to being head coach but he is surrounded by a talented team. He can take the Browns to the playoffs. The addition of Kareem Hunt helps solidify the run game.


Surprise Team

Indianapolis Colts - Zach Griffith

Why the Colts? - No, Jacoby Brissett isn’t Andrew Luck. Yeah, it’s probably difficult for some Colts fans to get hyped up for the season now. Still, the time to panic isn’t now. Brissett has one of the best in the business (Frank Reich) calling plays and showing him the ins and outs of the new offense. With a stellar offensive line protecting him, there’s no reason to believe that Jacoby and Reich won’t be able to help Indy surprise their opponents.


Pittsburgh Steelers - Bryce Shadday

Why the Steelers? - After losing Antonio Brown, which doesn’t seem like a bad deal now, and Le’Veon Bell, the Steelers have somewhat been counted out with the emergence of the Browns and Lamar Jackson in Baltimore. But this really seems like a season where the Steelers can, thrive doesn’t it? James Conner being a reliable back with JuJu Smith-Schuster, Donte Moncrief, and James Washington out wide should relieve Big Ben on the offensive side of the ball. Pittsburgh addressed the improving defensive side of the ball by adding rookie Devin Bush. I think Mike Tomlin and Big Ben will pull together a nice season.


Indianapolis Colts - Jacob Keith

Why Indianapolis? - Listen, I am not here to cry about Andrew Luck leaving, and neither are the Colts. Jacoby Brissett is an average quarterback and EVERYONE on that team is going to be playing with a chip on their shoulder. I think that Reich’s squad will surprise not only fans, but the entire NFL.


Atlanta Falcons- Alex Burr

Why Atlanta?- The Falcons were not particularly great last year. That is to be expected, after a year where they were ravaged by injuries. Matt Ryan will be dominant again this year, and the defense is capable of returning to how they performed in 2016, when they made the Super Bowl. Even though Atlanta is in a tough division, they can make the playoffs.


Pittsburgh Steelers - Thomas Butler-Guerrero

Why the Steelers? - Just to reiterate, the Steelers have not won less than 8 games in the entire 15 year career of Ben Roethlisberger. Prior to Luck’s early retirement, the AFC seemed to be clear for New England, Kansas City and Indianapolis to dominate while the AFC North is balanced out (disregarding Cincinnati). An easy case to be made is that Cleveland will handle the North, however, strength of schedule will determine the AFC North champion. Six out of Pittsburgh’s final seven games this season will be against teams that were not in 2018 playoff contention. Finally, without AB and Bell, everyone seems to be counting out the Steelers but a divisional title will silence all critics of the Steelers drama from this past season.


Atlanta Falcons - Devin Voss

Why Atlanta? The Atlanta Falcons found themselves in an unfortunate situation last season. Their most significant defensive players, Deion Jones, Keanu Neal, and Ricardo Allen, were eliminated by way of injury. The Falcons have built arguably one of the best receiving corps in the league, their defense should return to earth this season, and Devonta Freeman will have more of an impact with Tevin Coleman gone. This team has all the potential to make the playoffs.


San Francisco 49ers - DJ Deak

Why the 49ers? With a healthy Jimmy Garoppolo coming back and the addition of Nick Bosa on the other side of the ball, I think they will be a balanced team that could make the playoffs. I think they have good chance to snag a wild card spot in the NFC.


Disappointing Team


Los Angeles Rams - Zach Griffith

Why the Rams? - Other than the Saints, no team has a worse taste in their mouth than the Rams. They couldn’t get anything going in the Super Bowl, Jared Goff looked terrible, Sean McVay looked out of sorts, and Todd Gurley was nowhere to be found. I’m not saying the Rams will miss the playoffs or anything, but an early exit could be on the horizon for LA.


Cleveland Browns - Bryce Shadday

Why the Browns? - Unpopular opinion but water seeks its own level. This is the season we all find out if OBJ can keep himself together for one season and be a good teammate. It’s a good thought, isn't it? I just do not see it. I think Baker Mayfield will not be as effective as last year and with a first-year head coach that has had no head coaching experience, I do not see them having as good a year as everyone expects them to have. 


Dallas Cowboys - Jacob Keith

Why Dallas? - I know Zeke just inked his six-year, $90 million contract, but I think this offense isn’t going to click like everyone thinks. Remember, Jason Garrett is still running the team, and until Jerry Jones cans him, I think that the Cowboys will remain in mediocrity.


Los Angeles Chargers- Alex Burr

Why the Chargers?- When it comes down to it, do we really trust the Chargers? Yeah, they had one healthy year last year. Just because they can stay healthy for one season doesn’t mean it’s sustainable. I mean sure, they have the most overqualified backup in Tyrod Taylor, but if they can’t stay healthy then it’s all for naught.


Chicago Bears - Thomas Butler-Guerrero

Why Chicago? - THREE POINTS IN SIXTY MINUTES AT HOME! QB Mitch Trubisky was sacked five times Thursday night while throwing one crucial interception late and 0 touchdowns. You cannot defend keeping starters out of the entire preseason just to perform sloppy on opening night. At one point, Chicago had three straight penalties (10 total), not to mention several dropped passes. The defense actually played amazing limiting Rodgers to just one touchdown and eventually will win games for the Bears. But the best quote about the limited play of Trubisky was said best by Packers cornerback Tramon Williams. “We knew if we could get Trubisky to play quarterback, we could win” Williams said after the game.


Los Angeles Rams - Devin Voss

Why the Rams? This was a tough selection, but I’m going to have to agree with Zach and select the Rams. Don’t get me wrong, the Rams will make the playoffs. However, I don’t see them getting much further than that. Jared Goff is a good quarterback in the NFL, but after his late season performances, I have my doubts on his ability to play on the biggest stage. It was also mind boggling as to why the Rams were choosing C.J. Anderson over Todd Gurley in the playoffs. Indeed, Gurley was banged up, but he was still active. Regardless, the Rams aren’t going to have the same season as last.


Houston Texans - DJ Deak

Why the Texans? Sure the Texans won the AFC South last year but the division has only gotten stronger over the offseason.  They also traded away DE Jadeveon Clowney to the Seahawks. Best case scenario for the Texans is placing second in the division and winning a wild card spot.


AFC Champions


New England Patriots - Zach Griffith

Why the Patriots - Does Tom Brady still have a pulse? There’s your answer.


Kansas City Chiefs - Bryce Shadday

Why the Chiefs? - Patrick Mahomes, LeSean McCoy, Tyreek Hill, Damien Williams, Travis Kelce….good luck. Steve Spagnuolo takes over the defense this year for Kansas City, which saw Dee Ford and Justin Houston depart but Tyrann Mathieu and Frank Clark added. Spagnuolo has won a Super Bowl with the Giants so he knows what it takes to get there and win it all. 


New England Patriots- Jacob Keith

Why the Patriots? - I think that Bill Belicheck, Tom Brady, and Robert Kraft might be eternal. Until the clock runs out, write me down for them as AFC champs.


New England Patriots- Alex Burr

Why the Patriots? They added Antonio Brown. I hate them.


Kansas City Chiefs - Thomas Butler-Guerrero

Why the Chiefs? - Andy Reid has not won a Super Bowl since he was the offensive line coach for the Green Bay Packers back in 1996. This season, the Chiefs replace Kareem Hunt with Lesean McCoy and also added the honey badger Tyrann Mathieu in their secondary. Patrick Mahomes will have another MVP caliber season, so the one Achilles heel is clearly their defense. Imagine putting up 51 points on a Monday Night Game in LA and still lose. Then scoring a league high 66 offensive TDs during the regular season just to be blanked in the first half by New England at home. Kansas City was within a penalty of potentially reaching the Super Bowl but this year the AFC is wide open for the Reid, Mahomes and the Chiefs to take the throne from Brady and Belichick.


Kansas City Chiefs - Devin Voss

Why the Chiefs? Patrick Mahomes. 


Kansas City Chiefs - DJ Deak

Why the Chiefs? Patrick Mahomes in his rookie year led the league in TD passes and now he knows what he is getting himself into. Sure, they lost Kareem Hunt but they brought in Lesean McCoy to fill his shoes not to mention Travis Kelce and newly acquired Tyrann Mathieu will bolster both sides of the football for the Chiefs.


NFC Champions

Chicago Bears - Zach Griffith

Why the Bears - Very few players in the league can single-handedly win games for their teams. Khalil Mack is one of those guys, and Matt Nagy is one of those coaches. Look for Mitch Trubisky to be one of the most improved quarterbacks in the league this year thanks to Nagy’s guidance. The Bears will ride their young core all the way to the top.


Philadelphia Eagles - Bryce Shadday

Why the Eagles? - Carson Wentz, please stay healthy! This guy has been through a lot in his young career, but with the Eagles paying Wentz as token of faith, it is time to see what Doug Pederson and Wentz can do in the playoffs. DeSean Jackson is back where it all started and I think he will make a great impact on the field along with Zach Ertz and Alshon Jeffery not to mention a loaded backfield and a veteran defense that plays with a chip on their shoulder.


New Orleans Saints - Jacob Keith

Why New Orleans? - Listen, this three-headed monster of Drew Brees, Michael Thomas, and Alvin Kamara is a fast-paced, high scoring group that was robbed out of the playoffs last year. That chip on their shoulder will show these hard-workers what it feels like to be NFC champs.

Alex Burr: Seahawks

Why Seattle?- If you closely examined this document, you might believe I’m a Seahawks fan. I am not, but this team is going to be very good. Adding Clowney to a defense that was best described as very good gives them another element that I am not sure if they necessarily needed. You give me Russell Wilson and a defense that competent, I’m taking those odds.


Dallas Cowboys - Thomas Butler-Guerrero

Why Dem Boyz? Who is the real threat to Dallas in the NFC? Philadelphia got swept by Dallas last season and New Orleans lost as well. Teams improved, but so did the NFC East champion Cowboys. Adding WR Randall Cobb and bringing back Jason Witten adds cheap veteran offense to what is already the best O-line (Smith, Frederick, Martin, Collins) in the NFC which is finally healthy. Ezekiel Elliot is inked through the mid 2020s and all the pieces are finally together for a Super Bowl run by America’s Team. Demarcus Lawrence, Robert Quinn, Jaylon Smith, Leighton Vander Esch and Byron Jones lead the defensive group in the Big D. Finally, nobody is under more pressure than Jason Garrett (the only coach in the final year of his contract). Finally, Dak Prescott (32-16 through first three seasons) will surpass 40 wins and secure the bag from Jerry Jones with an NFC title.


New Orleans Saints - Devin Voss

Why NOLA? Once upon a time, the Saints were one ambiguously missed pass interference call away from a possible trip to the Super Bowl. No doubt, the AFC has a ton of competition this year, but the hunger I presume the Saints have for hoisting the Lombardi after that loss is insurmountable. In a team sense, the Saints return with one of the most dangerous offenses in the NFL and a defense that was top-15. Expect the Saints to steam roll their way to Hard Rock Stadium this winter. 


New Orleans Saints - DJ Deak

Why the Saints? They are hungry for their spot in the Super bowl. They are ready to redeem themselves and show why they should have won that game.


Super Bowl LIV Champions

New England Patriots - Zach Griffith

Why the Patriots? - Yeah.


Kansas City Chiefs - Bryce Shadday

Why the Chiefs? - The combination of  coaches that have been to the Super Bowl and a top-3 quarterback is hard to beat. The Chiefs are going to be too good to let an offsides penalty be the thing that beats them this year.  The Chiefs have too many playmakers across the board so again…..good luck.


New England Patriots - Jacob Keith

Why New England? - Highlight why they are going to win the AFC, left click, copy it. Paste it here.


New England Patriots- Alex Burr

Why the Patriots?- They. Really. Added. Antonio. Brown. Way to go Raiders, you handed them another championship.


New Orleans Saints - Devin Voss

Why the Saints? Despite his age, Drew Brees is still playing on an elite level. Thankfully for him, the Saints adopted a stellar defense, which translates to less of a load on the offense. A Super Bowl match between the Saints and Chiefs could make for one of the best pairings in recent years. Due to the nature of how they were eliminated last year, the previous experience of Brees and the defensive superiority of the Saints, I see Brees asserting himself into the history books and taking home the Lombardi one final time.


New Orleans Saints - DJ Deak

Why the Saints? Like I said earlier, the Saints are out to make up for last year's game. They are hungry for a title and Drew Brees is ready to show us that he is not done or anywhere near it.
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