Top Resources For a Successful Freshman Year

Taylor Hall
Taylor Hall

Centered in the heart of downtown Indianapolis and home to more than 29,000 students, many choose IUPUI to remain close to home or simply enjoy the city life. However, adjusting to college can be difficult. The university helps ease the transition with a number of resources. 

Freshman Resources
Biology Resource Center


Students can utilize the university’s official calendar which lists major deadlines for priority registration, financial aid, and more. The IUPUI Bepko Learning center is also available for students to receive one-on-one tutoring. Students may opt to participate in free departmental tutoring or the tutoring matching service if someone is not available. Other tutoring services include the Biology Resource Center on the second floor of Taylor Hall, the Math Assistance Center in the basement of Taylor Hall, and the Chemistry Resource Center in LD201.

Grace Klosterman, an IUPUI student success advisor, encourages freshman students to check in with their advisors throughout the semester.

“We understand that success is different for every student and person. Our goal is to support our whole student, we don’t want to support them just academically,” said Klosterman. “We’re going to always do whatever we can to provide them with resources or be that ear if they just want someone to talk to.”

Additionally, students who fear they may not adjust to their undergraduate workload can take advantage of certain university opportunities.

The pass or fail option allows students to take elective courses without their GPA being affected. Though the option permits up to eight courses, students should consult with their academic advisors beforehand.

If students find themselves amidst a mid-semester academic burnout and obtain an unsatisfying final grade, they can opt for a grade replacement. Grade replacement is allowed for a maximum of 15 credit hours and cannot be requested more than twice. Should the grade replacement be approved by the academic program unit, students can utilize the Extended-X Policy to replace the original grade on their transcripts.

Grade change appeals are also available for students if they feel a course grade may have been miscalculated. The course must have been taken within the last five years, and students should prepare documents to support the appeal.

It is recommended for students to plan for their upcoming semester, but if they are unable to find a specific course, they can still complete it through a consortium agreement. With an advisor-signed and approved consortium agreement, students are able to take the course at another IU campus or with Ivy Tech.

Campus Life

Students are also able to engage with clubs at IUPUI as a distraction from the rigors of academia. 

“I joined a club, JCC, which is a Japanese culture club, and it was a really fun time,” said Gideon Terry, a junior at the School of Liberal Arts. Terry emphasized the importance of maintaining a healthy balance. “If you have something to look forward to, it definitely will be motivating.”

In total, IUPUI has over 500 clubs and organizations. Some help students refine their academic abilities, while others provide opportunities to engage in community service, foster diversity, and much more. Students can check out potential clubs and organizations via The Spot.

“Be involved in organizations. It’s a really good way to make friends and connections,” said Hannah Siami, a junior at the Kelley School of Business. “It might surprise you.”

However, despite the abundance of clubs offered, not all are currently active.

 “Many of the student organizations on The Spot are inactive, so I would recommend looking at their social media pages to see if they have posted anything recently or emailing The Cube,” said Jacob Stewart, campus editor of The Campus Citizen. “If they aren’t active, you can always consider restarting the organization yourself!”

Furthermore, students who are looking for work experience can participate in work study. The university’s work study program can be adjusted per students’ class schedules and can be applied towards tuition. Students can also apply for internships with help from IUPUI Career Services. Tips on how to build a professional resume are also offered for IUPUI students on the website of Office of Student Employment.

Additional Resources

The University Library is open for students to reserve rooms for group sessions and conferences. Occasionally, course textbooks are available for rent, a good alternative to the IUPUI bookstore for frugal students.

Gerald L. Bepko Statue

Those who are unfamiliar with the methodology of research papers and citations can find guides on the University Library’s website. One.IU can be used to locate essential applications like Canvas, iGPS for academic planning, IU email, Student Center and bursar information. All students should prepare to plan and enroll in their courses for the upcoming semester in alignment with the designated date listed in Student Center.

Adaptive Educational Services also serves as an office of advocacy for students with disabilities. Those who believe they may qualify for accommodations should submit a request form and include medical documentation.

Additionally, mental health services for students are offered through CAPS, which provides a number of counseling options.

The priority FAFSA deadline for students to be eligible for maximum financial funding is April 15th. However, students who feel they may need additional aid may apply for individual scholarships through the IU General Scholarship Application.

“My biggest philosophy is be nosy,” said Isabella Mokaya, a junior at the School of Science and a reporter for The Campus Citizen. “You’re never going to know what you’re going to do unless you put yourself out there and try.”

Heaven Xiong is a junior majoring in HR, management, international studies and journalism with a minor in economics. She is a writer and reporter for The Campus Citizen.

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