Opinion: Where We Go From Here

In a time of global uncertainty, the time for ethical journalism is now. By Breanna Cooper If you’re lucky, there will be a time in your life when you find something you’re passionate about. I was fortunate enough to find that passion early on. It started when I wrote my first story for Ben Davis ...


Keeping Indianapolis Beautiful with RUN(317)

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful and RUN(317) collaborated to create a fun, and friendly environment to raise money and awareness about the environment. By Leighann Strollo 10/23/15 The air was warm, with a slight breeze blowing through downtown Indianapolis. Despite the cold that come in the evenings ...


Banded Tuition Costs More Than Just Money

With a new flat rate tuition being implemented in the 2016-2017 school year, IUPUI students taking less than 15 credits a semester will end up paying for nothing. By Leighann Strollo 1/29/16 If there is one thing that almost all college students have in common, it’s that they are poor. If they don’t ...


Rising Cost of College Leaving Many Students in the Dark

IUPUI is just one of many universities around the country misinforming students about where exactly their money goes when the bursar office takes it. By Leighann Strollo 1/27/17 It is no question that the rising cost of attending a university has affected the modern day college student. Some take ...


OneStart Retirement Raises Anticipation and Questions

With OneStart retiring, and IU schools making the full switch to One.IU, many students are left with a sense of confusion, and annoyance.  By Leighann Strollo 10/23/15 On Wednesday, October 21, the online student center OneStart was officially retired from all Indiana University campuses, IUPUI included. ...


Students and Faculty Chafe as Construction Continues

March 3, 2017 Jerome Bingham As students and faculty enter Michigan Street on the IUPUI campus. They will notice the street is full of orange barrels, dump trucks, and fencing lines. These signs of construction are going to be common sight for the next eight months on campus. The plan to turn Michigan ...


The Ins and Outs of Biking on Campus

April 19, 2017 Jerome Bingham Cycling can be dangerous. From the bike lane along Michigan road running through IUPUI’s campus to where the Monon Trail ends in Westfield Bike, bikers are commonly involved in accidents and collisions. Cars, pedestrians, and construction can make conditions worse for ...


International Festival Brings Cultures and Communities Together

The International Festival provides students with the opportunity to experience foreign cultures, food, and local community. By Paris Garnier For one day each year, IUPUI’s Office of International Affairs goes all out to celebrate what it does each day. Thursday marked the 12th annual International ...

Student Government

USG Voter Fraud Hearing Underway

Thursday evening saw an unprecedented public hearing about the complaints filed against the recent USG election winners Mosopefoluwa “Sope” Ladapo and Michael Thompson. By Paris Garnier After one of the biggest elections in Undergraduate Student Government’s history, a hearing was held Thursday ...

Student Government

Collier v. Sope Supreme Court Hearing Underway

This morning saw the latest installment of the Collier v. Sope hearings. By Paris Garnier For the second weekend in a row, the Undergraduate Student Government has convened for special hearings on alleged voter fraud in the 2016 undergraduate presidential elections. The appellants, Sope Ladapo and ...

Student Government

The Results Are In: Sope and Thompson Victorious

By Paris Garnier Three weeks ago allegations of voter fraud were brought against Sope Ladapo and Michael Thompson. The complaints were heard by the Undergraduate Student Government (USG) elections committee resulting in Ladapo and Thompson receiving six sanction points, which disqualified them from ...


May 1 is Melanoma Monday

By Paris Garnier At 24, Macklin Swinney was an outgoing and robust young man. He’d graduated from Ben Davis High School, but decided to forego college and start working. He loved partying, especially in Bloomington, Ind. and being outdoors at Dale Hollow Reservoir in Tennessee. “He was always ...

Student Government

A Fresh Start for IUPUI's Student Government

Undergraduate Student Government’s new leadership seeks to revitalize legislative branch after remodeling the USG constitution. By Paris Garnier IUPUI’s Undergraduate Student Government, like all other governments, goes through its ups and downs. After the divisive post-voting trials of the spring ...

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