Ronald Hanson


Alice in Groceryland

Inside the Needler’s Fresh Market on N. New Jersey St. downtown Indy shoppers picked and scanned their Thursday evening provisions. Outside an October cold front was descending upon the adjacent courtyard, sounding an early winter warning as a band of culture-minded individuals assembled their projector, ...


For the Love of the Scrum

In a state where basketball is lord and savior of sport, a group of IUPUI men and women have found a game where they can “ruck, maul and scrum” their teams to victory in a violently pleasant exercise of good sportsmanship. The game is Rugby. Rugby’s origin can be traced back to Wawickshire, England ...


Indy’s Six Degrees of Separation from Jamal Khashoggi

This story is a recollection by two Indianapolis residents to who knew Jamal Khashoggi when he lived on the west side of Indianapolis in 1977. All quotes are from them and they have requested their names be changed out of concern for their privacy and safety. Karen, 58, was busily managing her day ...

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