A Museum for Broken Hearts and Broken Relationships

Located in Eskenazi Hall in the Herron School of Art and Design building, the Museum of Broken Relationships is open to all visitors for free, not just students or faculty. The gallery shares images into heartbreak from the local area of Indiana as well as from across the world.


Treasure Hunt on Campus

Enter into the world of Geocaching and participate in treasure hunts across campus and downtown Indy. Track down prizes, leave clues, and have fun in the heart of downtown. 

Narcan Nasal Spray

IUPUI Hosts Naloxone Training as Part of Larger State Initiative

As part of a larger, statewide, movement to make Naloxone and training to use it more accessible, IUPUI hosted a free Narcan training in the Campus Center on Feb. 1. Naloxone is a medication used to reverse opioid overdose to be used in emergency situations and not as a long-term solution to opioid addiction or abuse. Narcan is the nasal spray device used to administer naloxone. With the rise of lethal drugs, such as fentanyl and xylazine, being laced into other substances, accessibility to proper overdose treatment has been an increasing concern for state officials.

Crystal Ball College Campus Illustration.jpg

Editorial: A Look Into What IUI Could Be

Indiana University and Purdue University announced in August 2022 that IUPUI would split into Indiana University Indianapolis (IUI) and an extension of Purdue’s West Lafayette campus. While the excitement and nervousness of the transition has slowed as the school year has progressed, the editorial board thought it worthwhile to discuss our predictions for what IUI could look like in the future.  Disclaimer: we are not a part of the transition board and our predictions are not definitive. This article is a piece of speculative fiction that visualizes some concepts that we believe may have the potential to become a reality at IUI in the future. 

IUPUI soon to be IUI

IUPUI in search of mascot for IU Indianapolis

IUPUI will be no more once the 2024 fall semester hits. IU and Purdue will be splitting from the campus which IU owns. This was first announced on Aug. 12, 2022, by IU president Pamela Whitten and Purdue president Mitch Daniels after a 9-0 unanimous vote was delivered in Bloomington. This will cause ...

Talent Show SMC.jpeg

Sports Management Club hosts talent show with Jagathon

January 18 was the Sports Management Club's (SMC) second annual "Show and See with SMC" talent show with Jagathon: IUPUI's Sports Marathon. The event raised over a record setting $150 and featured various acts including karaoke, dance performances, stand-up comedy and solving a Rubik's cube. “The intention from the beginning was to partner with Jagathon and find a way to raise as much money as we could, and have many acts come in with different people to get eyes on our club, and to just help out,” said one member of the SMC. 

Fall Invitational Picture

IUPUI Women's Tennis: The Past is Behind, A New Era is Ahead

 As the IUPUI women's tennis team fell 2-5 in their last match of 2022 vs Northern Kentucky, there seemed to be hope for the season ahead. After two players were kicked off the team, their coach unexpectedly fired mid-season and another player missed significant time due to injury, any team would have had difficulty recovering and scraping together a successful season. 

Sleeping Student Perspective Shot

Top ten places to nap at IUPUI

Winter break is long gone and it’s your second week back on campus. The real work has begun, and the stress is already getting to you. A good cry is not going to cut it. Having gotten used to sleeping in until 11 a.m., the fatigue starts to hit you during your morning classes and you need a quiet place to rest, so where do you go? Here is the list you never knew you needed: the best places to nap on the IUPUI campus. 

Genesis Magazine

Genesis Magazine begins return to normalcy

Last spring, genesis Magazine celebrated their 50th anniversary. They celebrated their latest release party on Wednesday. Sarah Layden, the faculty advisor of genesis since 2016, expressed that the magazine has seen a lot of fluctuations in the quantity and types of content submitted to the magazine due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “I think that’s reflected nicely in this fall 2022 cover, because you’ve got this illustration of somebody on their phone, presumably getting all these updates that are reflected behind them, and it’s about masks and Covid and all these other things just looming," said Layden.

Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital

OPINION: IUSM Must Reverse Early Decision Policy Changes

The IU School of Medicine (IUSM) recently altered their early admissions policy. As of last spring, "placement at a specific location is not guaranteed." High-performing early applicants are now forced to use essentially the same ranking system that regular applicants use. The decision might push students to not pursue early admissions, making them more likely to go to out-of-state schools.

Student Life

The Struggle to Find Childcare at IUPUI

Being a parent is a difficult task. Balancing an academic workload on top of that can make things even more challenging. 1,662 IUPUI students indicated on their FAFSA application that they had at least one dependent in 2020. Many struggle to find childcare. Many have suggested Indiana University should step in to provide childcare subsidies, but a cooperative childcare organization on campus might help where subsidies cannot. 

The Den After Hours

The Best Places to Cry on Campus

It is finals week again, and as you walk out of your last test for your hardest class, the emotions hit you. There is no chance you passed that final and now your GPA is in the dumpster. The water works are coming and you need a place to let it all out quietly and without anyone noticing, so where do you go? Here is the list you never knew you needed: the best places to cry on the IUPUI campus. 

Student Government

Paw's Pantry Visits USG to Discuss Pantry Needs

Associate Program Director of Student Support, Erika Thomison, and Executive Team Member Chair for Paw’s Pantry, Braxton Gray, spoke at the Nov. 11 meeting of the Undergraduate Student Government (USG) about the needs of Paw’s Pantry and ways in which students can help support them. Paw’s Pantry is a food pantry on campus that is open to all students. It aims to help those with food insecurity meet their dietary needs. 

Nick Roberts Interviews at The Campus Citizen

IUPUI Student Announces Campaign for City-County Council

On Monday, IUPUI student Nick Roberts announced his candidacy for Indianapolis City-County Council, representing District 4.Currently studying political science and economics, Roberts made headlines last year for his work addressing gerrymandering in Indiana. Now Roberts makes headlines for being one of the youngest candidates to run for city-county council.

Student Life

Craze for Caffeine

Every college student knows the feeling of having one million things to do and never enough time to do all of them. Many turn to energy drinks, teas and coffees to give them an extra boost. However, many students likely do not know what they are consuming, or if it is even beneficial.

Student Life

Inspirations of IUPUI Student, Singer-Songwriter Myra Kivett

Myra Kivett grew up in a musical family– she describes music as something that is in her blood and something that she “always gravitated towards”.  Her most recently released song is her official debut single titled “Guys Like You,” which was recorded in Round Table Recording Studio in Broad Ripple. Kivett balances a full course load through IUPUI’s BA/MA program. Her schedule during the school year is often hectic with academics, so Kivett utilizes her summers to focus on music.  

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