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Reports Find Increase in Rape and Dating Violence at IUPUI

The instances of rape, fondling and dating violence reported on the IUPUI campus increased in 2017 compared to the previous two years, according to Indiana University Police Department data. The number of reported rapes increased from four in 2016 to eight in 2017, fondling rose from one in 2016 to ...


IUPUI Celebrates 50th Birthday

When you think of IUPUI, what is the first thing you think of? Diversity? Academic Success? The Natatorium? Parking, oh the parking! Those and many other of those aspects helped create IUPUI into what it is today. Since the downtown satellite campuses for Indiana University and Purdue University merged ...


Fresh Produce at IUPUI

 The fresh market was first introduced to IUPUI’s campus in 2012 as a way to aid Healthy IU in bringing awareness to locally grown food and its benefits. The next time you can visit the Fresh Produce Market in IUPUI’s Campus Center is Feb. 21. The set up will be located on the first floor in front ...

Student Life

The Cheap Cost to Change

To start off the new year, the fitness center, located in in the lower level of the Campus Center, implemented new features to the Campus Recreation Membership. “The access to the recreation sports is actually a student fee, it is not a membership. It is an optional student fee for those who do ...

Student Life

Therapy Dogs Help IUPUI Students Cope with Finals

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Holiday lights are strung around Indianapolis, campus is decorated with wreaths and Christmas music is blasting on the radio. And then...there's finals. To help students cope with the stress and horrors that come with finals week, Love on a Leash brought therapy ...


IUPUI Students Celebrate Hanukkah

“Hanukkah is a time for me to be with family and friends and loved ones and celebrate our heritage and our traditions,” IUPUI student Belinda Oberman said. Oberman was among the Jewish students and faculty celebrating Hanukkah at the Campus Center this week. The Jewish Student Association informed ...

Student Life

LGBTQ+ Center director shares plans

Three months into his tenure, IUPUI’s LGBTQ+ Center director A.J. Young already has ambitious plans. Working with other campus organizations, Young has invited Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend to IUPUI in February 2019. During the spring semester, Young also plans to update the popular Safe Zone ...


Paw's Pantry donation drives

Two donations drives were held today for Paw’s Pantry at IUPUI in anticipation of the upcoming holidays. The first drive was the Pack a Meal with Million Meal Movement event, held from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Campus Center atrium. As pop music blared from speakers, volunteers donned red hair ...


Scooters Cause Accessibility Issues for Disabled Students

Over the past two months motorized scooters have become a common sight in Indianapolis, and seem to be especially popular here on the IUPUI campus. The ubiquity of the scooters has provided an easily accessible and zippy transportation alternative for those looking to make long treks across campus a ...

Student Life

Fighting Hate with Operation Ruby Gloom

If one ever goes to IUPUI during autumn, they may notice clusters of students gathered around a man or woman billowing the Gospel at the top of their lungs. These people, known as “hate preachers,” are highly conservative Christians that could be classified as extremists, ranting about matters such ...

Student Life

Tunnel of Oppression Returns to IUPUI

IUPUI’s Social Justice Scholars will run the fifth annual Tunnel of Oppression from Nov. 5 to Nov. 8 on the fourth floor of the Campus Center. The topics of this year’s interactive exhibits include abortion, deportation,  interracial relationships and housing discrimination.  Sarah Long, the ...

Student Life

Hoosiers Out Together Conference Highlights

IUPUI hosted the second annual Hoosiers Out Together Conference, or HOT CON, from Friday, Oct. 26 to Saturday, Oct. 27 at Hine Hall. The organizers of HOT CON aimed to strengthen the bonds of the LGBTQ community both on campus and statewide through its presentations and workshops, including a photo ...

Student Life

Perspective: Time for Modification of Our Nation

Statistics have shown that young people have the lowest voter turnout rate compared to other age demographics. But IUPUI students are determined to change this. On Wednesday, the Division of Student Affairs and the Multicultural Center co-hosted IUPUI's first "March to the Polls" to encourage students ...

Student Life

IUPUI Person On the Street: Jags Go to the Polls

The 2018 midterm elections are rapidly approaching, and on Nov. 6, millions will have the opportunity to influence the course of the country’s future with their votes. All 435 seats in the House of Representatives are up for election, and 35 senate seats are also up for grabs. Here in Indiana, incumbent ...


IUPUI Opens New Store For Students in Need

On Oct. 9, IUPUI opened their first ever free clothing store for students, Paw’s Closet. Just like Paw’s Pantry, a free food pantry, students can come to find things they may need. “We are open Tuesday’s from 9 a.m to 1 p.m and Wednesdays from 3 p.m to Each student can come in twice a ...


Student Health Services Offer Flu Vaccination

Although the weather may not seem to agree yet, summer is coming to a close at IUPUI and bringing in the next season. Some call it autumn. Others call it fall. But one name we can all agree on is “flu season.” No matter what you call it, Student Health is ready to help prepare students. IUPUI ...


IUPUI Mock Election is No Joke

IUPUI held a mock election from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 3 at the Campus Center atrium. One hundred and fifty-four students filled out sample ballots and cast them in a real voting machine provided by the Marion County Board of Elections.   IUPUI civic engagement area manager Brant Johnson ...


Regatta 2018 Recap: A Chilling Experience

The morning of September 22, 2018 marked an important day of the year for me - I had finally been given the chance to free one of my beloved hoodies from its closet prison. Stepping out into the chilly morning air was an act I had been looking forward to for months, but I couldn’t help but wonder ...


Regatta Royalty

On Saturday, Sept. 22, IUPUI hosted its grandest Regatta yet. Not only does 2019 stand as IUPUI’s 50th anniversary, this year also celebrated a decade of Regatta. With 165 being the largest number of teams competing than ever before, Regatta also featured changes of location, a variety of performances ...


IUPUI Regatta Moved to Military Park for 10th Anniversary

On Saturday, Sept. 22, IUPUI hosted its 10th annual Regatta for the first time in Military Park.  “This year we moved from being directly on the canal to being in Military Park,” IUPUI senior Sandy Nyguen said.“It is our 10th year anniversary and we wanted to do something bigger and different. ...

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